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Samuel Spanish Teacher

Samuel Barrera, M.Ed

Spanish Professor (Heredia)

Samuel is originally from Lima, Perú, but has lived in Costa Rica since 2000. He has a BA in Educational Science from the Costa Rican National University, and an MA in Education at the National University, with emphasis in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language. He studied Teaching English and Spanish as a Second language in Lima, Perú and has worked as a Spanish teacher in both Perú and Costa Rica. Samuel has worked in the Peace Corps and at the university level teaching Spanish since 2001, and at Intercultura since 2006.


“Samuel is an excellent teacher. I would absolutely recommend that anyone wanting to learn Spanish should learn from him. He really made my experience here a special one”. – Matthew Gross, May 2022

“Super teacher. The best Spanish teacher that I have had.” – Mike Dugas, 2018

“Samuel was an overall phenomenal teacher that enhanced my understanding of Spanish.” – Victoria Peta, 2019 

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