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fabiola villegas

Fabiola Villegas

Spanish Teacher

Fabiola grew up in a neighborhood up in the mountains of San José, in the Central Valley. At university, she became interested in Language, Literature, Anthropology and Storytelling, receiving a BA in Spanish Philology from the Universidad de Costa Rica. In 2015, she found her passion when she started teaching Spanish for Foreigners in academies and to individuals. Since 2021, she has been focused on teaching online for Intercultura Spanish Schools. She is now finishing a Post-graduate Certificate in Teaching at Universidad Estatal a Distancia and she is also starting to learn her third language, Portuguese, at Intercultura. She enjoys getting to know people from all around the world and having conversations about language, culture and human nature.

10 out of 10!
“Fabiola is amazing! She always finds ways to engage our 11yo son. He was not enthusiastic about Spanish lessons online to start but because of Fabiola he is actively engaged in them and never complains about it. In fact, he is always in a great mood after!”

Maggie Chin, April 2024

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