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A Language Learning Adventure

What’s a language immersion experience  really like?

Lean back and go on a little journey with Eric, who captured his Spanish learning and travel adventure with Intercultura Costa Rica in this video


We can help. All of our courses & programs are comprehensive and entertaining. Complete with a daily cultural activity program, excursions and optional homestay lodging. Sign up today to get more information.


Adult Spanish Immersion

Our Spanish classes are dynamic, fun and involve a wide variety of authentic learning activities appropriate for all learning styles, cultures and ages.

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Family Spanish immersion vacation

Spanish Study for Families & kids

We offer not only a friendly atmosphere and learning environment for individual Spanish learners but also for your family Spanish language vacation. Parents have the option to participate in our adult group classes, and arrange for their children to take our customized Spanish camp classes for children and/or teenagers.

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Costa Rica Spanish courses 50 plus

Spanish Immersion & Adventure for Adults 50+

Have fun while learning, discover a new culture, exercise your brain and create new memories...now!

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What Former Students Say

What students think about Intercultura Costa Rica.

Graduation and last days in Heredia 021

Britton Varn & Kids

I wholeheartedly recommend Intercultura for both adults and kids.  Three of my kids (ages 12, 9, and 7) enrolled there for 12 weeks last spring and had a fabulous experience.  We were at the Heredia campus for 9 weeks and the Samara campus for 3 weeks.  My kids had very basic Spanish before we went (numbers, colors, shapes, etc.), but zero comprehension or conversation skills.  Upon enrolling in school again here Colorado, my 7th grade son’s middle school evaluated him in Spanish, and his Spanish level is beyond what they offer in the three years of middle school classes.  The teacher placed him at a 2nd year, 2nd semester high school level.  And both my 2nd and 4th grade daughters were able to enter into a full-Spanish immersion elementary program here.  My 4th grade daughter’s teachers says that her conversation skills are better than her peers who have been in the program for 3 years.  All that’s to say, I was extremely pleased at the progress that my kids made in 3 months!  We are hoping to return and attend classes at Intercultura on a regular basis.  I attended there for a month when I was in college as well, and it was definitely a turning point for me in my conversation and comprehension skills.

As to the safety of the area, I would feel comfortable sending my own son alone in a couple of years.  I was there alone (my husband had to stay in the U.S. for work) with four kids and never had any problems.  If your son is responsible, he will do great.  I trust the staff to take good care of the teens.  Your son will learn a ton and visit some amazing places.

United States
January – April 2018, 3-month program


Arisdelsi Nuñez

Texas Woman´s University Group: It was a great experience, I learned a lot and the staff and professors were always friendly and willing to help! Samara Beach Campus

TX, United States
August 2018

Spanish immersion Kids classes

Leslie (mother)

Kids Camp Classes – Samara Beach Campus. We had an incredible experience in Sámara these past two weeks. Intercultura made us feel so welcome and we are grateful for the home base you provided our family. I felt privileged to observe Iris’ and Fabiola’s classes. Please extend our family’s gratitude to the entire staff and faculty. I look forward to staying in contact about future visits to Intercultura! Ojalá que nos veamos otra vez!

Massachusetts, USA
August 2018 

Student review Intercultura Samara

Nicole Head

Family & Kids Program – Samara Beach Campus: We absolutely fell in love with Intercultura and can’t wait to come again.  We took classes for 2 weeks and all of our teachers were very thoughtful, engaging, and talented.  I made giant leaps in my Spanish skills, but more importantly, my kids couldn’t get enough.  My 9 year old daughter had been in a dual-language immersion school in the U.S. for 3 years and had never spoken Spanish in front of me.  If I spoke in Spanish to her, she would get frustrated and ask me to please speak in English.  After just one week at Intercultura, she was happily chatting with me in Spanish and asked me if we could keep speaking in Spanish together in the U.S..  She even got up in front of the entire school to read a poem in Spanish.  My 7 year old son, who had been more comfortable learning Spanish, made huge gains, and he felt confident leaving my side to go into class every day.  That was a huge surprise and definitely a testament to how well he bonded with his teacher.  We loved the empanadas and casadas available for purchase during breaks, the excursions, and the cultural immersion classes/language practice available after school.  We felt fully immersed in both the beautiful language and the culture of Costa Rica.

July 2018


Amy Parelman

We feel that we lived a lifetime’s worth of experiences in Costa Rica. We met so many kind, intelligent people living in accord with the plants, animals, cultures and diverse aspirations in the country. And we most certainly improved our language use — shame on me for not writing to you in Spanish. Perhaps we will be lucky enough to return some day.

July 2018


Wonderful Experience for our family!

A TRIP ADVISOR REVIEWMy daughters (ages 11 and 8) and I visited Costa Rica in June 2017 (along with a friend and her 9-year-old daughter). We stayed in the country for 3 weeks and attended Intercultura at Samara for a week. We stayed with a family during our time in Samara. We had such a wonderful time at the school, with our host family, enjoying the beach, and exploring the area. We rode bikes from the homestay to the school most days, passing horses and cows who were meandering in the road. When the tide was out, we were able to get off the road and bike on the beach to the school. We played at the beach right at the school most afternoons. After our week in Samara, we went to the Heredia campus and attended school there for a week. From Heredia, we took several excursions through the school, all of which exceeded our expectations. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and all that Intercultura as to offer.

United States
June 2017


Courtney Sneath

This progam is amazing. I learned a lot in the culture of Costa Rica along with the language. I also learned how to interact with other people and was exposed to other cultures besides Costa Rica.

Intercultura was great, and I hope to return one day with my family. I couldn´t have asked for anything better than what was given by every staff member. They were always ready to help and were friendly and kind. I wish I could stay in this program for longer, but the experience has been life changing in many different ways! Thank you to all!

United States
January 2015


Colleen Phelan

University of Connecticut group

ADVANCED  (University of Connecticut group). I was extremely pleased with the class taken in Heredia and Samara. Both Jesus and Maria Fernanda were knowledgeable in the content of our curriculum and were dynamic and engaging in their teaching styles.

I felt welcomed by both of them as well as challenged intellectually which was of great importance to me in this program. The curriculum was well-planned and cohesive and integrated many sources (films, songs, TED talks, etc.) that were relevant and interesting.

CT, United States
visited in 2013


Lea Fisher


ADVANCED. PS.You should know that Intercultura is not only an excellent language school; it is a full-service institution. My flip-flops succumbed to the sand and salt water and the sole of the shoe separated from the rest of the shoe.

I asked Ulyses (responsible for Intercultura´s maintenance) if he had any strong glue I could use to fix my shoe. He instructed me to give him my shoes.

At the end of class he brought me my flip-flops, all glued back together and ready for the beach. Now that is a full-service language school!

I love Intercultura.

Byron really is an outstanding teacher. That young man is knowledgable about a huge range of issues and a pleasure to study with. He clarified things for me that I totally missed the first time around. I was very satisfied with his teaching. Leah

CA, United States
January 2014

Brookhaven College Logo

Alison Germaneri

Brookhaven College: Intercultura in Heredia was the perfect setting for me to study Spanish.  During the week I could completely focus on my language learning. Since Heredia isn’t a big tourist destination there are fewer English speakers so I was forced to use my Spanish navigating through the city, going restaurants and shops and of course going dancing. I enjoyed immersing myself in the city life to get an authentic feel of Costa Rican culture. I also loved that the school was centrally located in the country making just about any destination doable for a weekend excursion. There was even a wide range of day trips near the city for fun weekend activities. The Heredia campus gave me a perfect balance between traveling around the country and enjoying city life and I could work on improving my Spanish through it all.

Choosing between the Heredia and Samara campus is a tough choice, especially if you’ve seen the Samara campus, which literally looks like paradise. But the Heredia campus ended up being the perfect option for me for many reasons.

Heredia is not a big tourist destination so restaurants and shops are catered to Costa Ricans, this means you are forced to use your Spanish. This gives you a true feeling of total immersion and is a huge benefit to your Spanish studies.

Being in the city also gives you a wide range of activities like going to the park, museums, cafés, shops and dancing. You can hop on the bus and go explore a neighboring city. The area also offers hiking trails, volcanoes and some great ecological attractions. You won’t run out of things to do.

While the Samara campus is beautiful I knew if I decided to study there I wouldn’t travel on weekends. I wouldn’t opt to spend the day on the bus if I was already at a beautiful beach. I wanted to see as many places in Costa Rica as I could and Heredia is perfectly situated in the center of the country so just about any destination in the country is doable for a weekend trip.

The Heredia campus gave me the perfect balance between city life and weekend journeys and was the perfect way to work on improving my Spanish.

TX, United States
visited 2014

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