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¡Habla español como un tico!

Our Spanish immersion programs have received global recognition and are open to people of all ages and skill levels. By participating in our Spanish immersion program you automatically contribute to our communities. Find out how!

Dive into the joy of learning Spanish with us year-round at our two distinct school locations in Costa Rica. Scroll down for our program overview.

Interested in how we teach? Jump to our section "our communicative teaching approach" and find out how we ensure an immersion classroom.

Two campus locations: Heredia City and Sámara Beach
Comprehensive and entertaining Spanish immersion
DELE and SIELE Prep. Courses, German Bildungsurlaub
Daily cultural activity program and excursions
Optional homestay or student residence lodging
Spanish immersion in real-life contexts and social interactions.

Our Spanish immersion courses welcome adults and solo travelers from 18 to 80+ of all proficiency levels, from beginners to advanced learners. We prioritize communication skills and include daily cultural activities to enhance your learning experience. Traveling solo? You'll make fast friends for countrywide adventures!

Families who want to study Spanish together can find great options at Intercultura. These programs allow family members of different ages to learn Spanish while enjoying cultural and recreational activities that cater to all interests, and they can choose to live with a local family or in our school apartments.

Intercultura is renowned for its warm and inclusive ambiance, drawing students from around the world. This creates a truly international learning setting, where students have the opportunity to connect with peers from various nations and cultures, fostering cross-cultural friendships and enriching experiences.

Our tailor-made Spanish programs crafted especially for teenagers are not only educational but also captivating and fun. They include activities and outings designed to engage young learners, promoting the development of language skills in a dynamic and interactive manner.


The teaching methodology of our Spanish immersion courses follows an emphasis on conversational skills and dynamic learning activities.

How to ensure a total Spanish immersion experience?

Our Spanish immersion program is for those who are seeking a complete Spanish immersion opportunity. The students’ participation is essential in order to maintain a fully Spanish-speaking environment.

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