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Iris Spanish Teacher

Iris Serra, MA.

Spanish Professor (Sámara)

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Iris has known that she wanted to be a teacher since she was a little girl. When she turned 17 she went to live in London in order to understand the processes of language acquisition and to be able to empathize with students going through the language learning process. After London, she returned to the University of Barcelona for her BA in Philology and Second Language Acquisition, followed by her TESOL certification with Costa Rica TEFL and her Master’s in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language with a postgraduate certificate in Digital Learning from the EDECA Center for Postgraduate Studies. Iris has taught since 2012, first at children’s language classes in Spain, then teaching Spanish as a Second Language to adults and children with Intercultura Costa Rica. Iris is known for her friendly, proactive and outgoing personality, and in her free time she likes reading, surfing and exercising.

"Iris is a great teacher. She has wonderful enthusiasm and energy. She also knows when to back up and explain important concepts. I appreciate her animated explanations." - Susan Schaefer, 2023

"I really enjoyed being in her class. She knows how to teach stuff in an easy and understandable way and she was always super motivated and helpful, The way she speaks was very useful to understand and learn Spanish and she gave really good advice." - Ivana Pesevska, 2023

"Iris was outstanding, one of the best instructors I have ever had."  - Time Grothaus, 2018

"Iris was fantastic. Her enthusiasm was always incredible and she explained things very well. Muchas gracias a Iris!" - Kate Large, 2019

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