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The meaning of Pura Vida

Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Have you been to Costa Rica? Are you planning a trip? Well, we introduce you to the most popular expression used by Costa Ricans: Pura Vida!

As a first-time traveler in Costa Rica there is always this one question: What is the meaning of "pura vida"? What does it mean and when do I really use it?

We have often heard from our students that you don't really know what Pura Vida means until you actually get to live it. Pura vida is not just an expression, it's a lifestyle. Students love it and of course, it's not hard at all to adapt to it.

Watch our video below and listen to Byron, a teacher at our Spanish school's beach campus. As a native of Costa Rica he explains what Pura Vida means for "Ticos".



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