Costa Rica celebrates Mother's Day on Monday, August 15.  A national holiday, both campuses of Intercultura Spanish Language School will be closed so families can celebrate their Mothers!  Read about a remarkable Nicoya mother of four generations in the latest Voz de Nosara.

10. Your co-workers are fluent in Spanish and are getting looked at for a promotion ahead of you because of it.
9. Your customers speak Spanish, and you are reduced to hand gestures and "gracias" as a means of communication and your Spanish speaking colleagues won’t need to be your personal translators.
On July 25, the Costa Rican province of Guanacaste celebrated the 187th anniversary of the annexation of Nicoya. The people of Nicoya, in a public event called "cabildo abierto", the equivalent to modern referendums, decided to annex the Partido de Nicoya to the Republic of Costa Rica. On July 25, 1824, Nicoya was formally joined to Costa Rica. Since then, the coat of arms of Nicoya states the words: "De la patria por nuestra voluntad" which could be translated as "part of the nation because of our own will".
I’m at the end of my first week of studying Spanish in charming Heredia after taking a few weeks of classes at the Sámara Beach Campus and have tried to take advantage of being in a city again!
Yogi I am not, but since trying yoga in Sámara, I decided to look for a class while I studied Spanish in Heredia.  The school doesn't offer yoga classes like they do in Sámara so I was planning to look for a studio.
I began my Spanish courses at the Intercultura beach campus in Sámara, one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been. I took part in the dance classes, cooking classes, took a few surfing lessons and walked the beach. The one thing that I didn’t do my first week? Yoga.
So, I finally went. Reluctantly.

Special edition:
Lost Children of The Chorotegas
Is one of the eight indigenous groups of Costa Rica,the Chorotegas, vanishing?

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Presentando el reporte especial:
Los niños perdidos de los Chorotegas
¿Está desapareciendo uno de los ocho grupos indígenas de Costa Rica?

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