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Thank you for your support during the Coronavirus Crisis

Becoming aware of

What a bizarre few weeks we have had. This virus and the resulting shut downs have truly paralyzed the world. In times like these, we can’t help but reflect on the experience of being human, our fragility and our resilience, our weaknesses and our strengths, our fears and our courage.

This pandemic has rapidly shown us the need to change our behaviors, from socializing, gathering in groups, attending schools and churches to settling down in our homes to protect our loved ones, our communities, and humanity at large.

Shifting from interactive and in-person instruction to our homes

At Intercultura, we see the value of group classes and in-person instruction. We love watching the connections and relationships that are built between students on campus and between students and our community. While we shift momentarily to life at home, keeping physical distance from others for our own safety, we are grateful for these connections anyway. They stay with us. And we are grateful for all of you.

#DontCancelPostpone – please join us

Thank you for joining us in the ways you have. Thank you for choosing Intercultura as your language learning home and community in Costa Rica. To those who stayed over the past few weeks, as the world became an almost unrecognizable place, thank you for trusting us and continuing with us. To those who have had to postpone or cancel, we will miss you, but we look forward to hosting you in the future—as soon as it is safe to travel!

As most people in the world face insecurity and anxiety, uncertainty over their futures, we also look forward into the unknown. Intercultura, and Costa Rica in general, depend on the arrival of foreign visitors. With borders closed, we are unable to receive students. We are hopeful that this will pass quickly, the casualties won’t be exceedingly devastating, and that we can heal and grow, go back to traveling, connecting in person, and learning with and from each other.

In the meantime, we are here for you virtually!

Please do stay in touch, stay connected, and dive in to online learning. Learn more about our Spanish online classes and special offers during this crisis. 

We would like to thank you again for your support, your devotion to learning, and your trust in Intercultura. We would also like to express appreciation to those members of our society who are working tirelessly to end this pandemic. In times of crisis, we see the capacity of humanity to step up and embrace the challenge. We see that we are all in this together—interculturally, we will rebuild and embrace a future together.  

written by Amy Schmidt
Group and Volunteer Coordinator & Yoga teacher