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  • Speak, practice and improve your Spanish from day one.
  • Reach your Spanish immersion goals.
  • Be given a maximum exposure to the language.

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Virtual Course Options

Online Spanish classes are available for Kids, Teens and Adults! Just as in our on-site classes you will have engaging, conversation-focused instruction with our native and experienced teachers!

$28/hr $21/hr Privates

$42/hr $35/hr Semi-privates

Special Packages:

Package of 10 lessons AND get 1 extra lesson for FREE

Package of 15 lessons AND get 2 extra lessons for FREE

Did you know? Online classes are available for all ages. Thematic classes are possible and teens can get prepared for our Spanish & Leadership Camp 2021!

Participants in a semi-private online classes need to be physically in the same location while receiving lessons, in order to maintain technological frameworks. If this is not possible, we recommend private online classes instead.

We offer online group classes for adults and for children. Group classes are available as two-week sessions, starting every second Tuesday.

  • $98 per two-week session
  • 4 hours of classes per week
  • Tuesday and Thurday from 8am to 10am (UTC -6).

The following ministries accept distance learning under specific condition: Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Niedersachsen (currently until 18.04.20), Thüringen, other states give the employer the choice to accept the distance learning course.
The hours should be the same as for the physical courses, so in most states 30 lessons would be expected to be recognised for Bildungsurlaub.
There must be proof that the client is actualy participating and interacting like Skype or webcam training. We prefer using the interactive platform ZOOM but Skype is also option. 

In agreement with your employer we recommend to spread the 30 hrs over a period of 2 weeks, 15 hrs of online classes a week. Should you need to accomplish the 30 hrs in one week we would divide your online lessons between 2 teachers.

Special rate: $570 USD

See more details about our accredited BU courses!

We prepare you for your DELE exam! You can start with the number of hours per week that accommodates your schedule and suits you best.

During your first online lesson your teacher will evaluate how many hours you would occupy (more or less) in order to reach the necessary level and skills for completing the exam. We recommend a minimum of 4 hours per week. 15 hours per week would be the ideal in order to advance fast. 

Special rate: $285 USD (15 hours)

Interdisciplinary Courses in Latin American Studies

  • Expand your knowledge of Latin America through an interdisciplinary range of courses (See below for our complete list of course offerings.)
  • Theme-specific classes 
  • Perfect for university students, teachers and any interested in a deeper understanding of Latin American culture

NOTE: All Courses are available in Spanish; select courses also available in English or Portuguese. 

Latin American History Latin American Literature Latin American Society & Culture
  • History of Latin America: From Atahualpa to Castro.
  • History of Costa Rica: pre-Columbian era, colony, independence and annexation of Guanacaste
  • History of Costa Rica: coffee exports, the National Campaign of '56 and the liberal political model
  • History of Costa Rica: ethnic enrichment, the era of social guarantees, the war of '48 and the Benefactor State.
  • History of Costa Rica: the 80's, neoliberal policies of the 21st century and Costa Rican customs / popular culture.
  • Latin American literature produced in the United States: the other attempts
  • Literature of Costa Rica: Poetry.
  • Literature of Costa Rica: Short story.
  • Literature of Costa Rica: novel.
  • Human Rights and literature: Central American testimony in the context of the Cold War
  • Human Rights and literature: Cultural, Sociopolitical and Human Rights Issues in the context of Globalization
  • Sociolinguistics: Dialect differences in American Spanish and Spanish in Costa Rica and its dialect variables
  • Latin American Theater: postmodernity, theater theory and play: Pedro and the Captain (Mario Benedetti - Uruguay)
  • Latin American Theater: postmodernity, theater theory and play: The Eternal Feminine (Rosario Castellanos, México)
  • Music and immigration: tango and nostalgia for the migrant.
  • Mexican cinema: the golden age and current directors
  • The Spanish Civil War: death and life in Guernica

Contact us for more detailed information about the individual topics.

Once borders reopen and travel restrictions are removed you can transfer your online course to a classroom course in Costa Rica at no additional charge.


  • available 5 days a week, Mon - Fri, from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm CST (Costa Rican time).
  • suitable for all ages and Spanish levels
  • same dynamic, interactive methodology as Spanish classes offered at our schools in Costa Rica
  • focus on applied conversational skills

Student Feedback

Marisa Laks, August 2020
"I really liked the format of the classes and the activities. Although I couldn't be in Samara, the classes felt very similar. Both teachers, Ilsen and Nelson, were knowledgeable, friendly and corrected my errors."

Larissa Rochford, August 2020
"I took 7 weeks of classes this summer with several teachers - Ilsen, Maria, and Byron. Each teacher had their own unique style of teaching, and I learned a lot from each of them! I made great progress this summer thanks to the combination of grammar instruction and conversation in classes. I can’t wait to visit the campus again to continue my studies. Thanks for a wonderful summer of online Spanish!"

Sarah Benn, June 2020
"My classes with Silvia were wonderful. I really enjoyed having fun conversations with her. At the end of the first class she had identified where I needed to work on my grammar. For the rest of the week we studied grammar part of the time and talked the rest of the time. I think my Spanish improved a lot over the week. I'd like to continue private classes."

Beverly Koester,

July 2020
“My overall experience was excellent! Byron creates a positive atmosphere for learning through his encouragement, patience, and sense of humor. He gives clear explanations of grammar, and provides engaging activities for practice. When he recognizes the need, he offers "mini-lessons" for review. During the course of interesting conversations, Byron introduces new vocabulary words that students need to express their ideas. He also reinforces grammar points by writing students' sentences (with corrections) on the whiteboard.”

May 2020
"Yes, given the virtual nature of the classes, they were excellent. I enjoyed learning a new expression each day. I appreciated how Byron followed the curriculum in the workbook, which I think is very well planned and written. I especially enjoyed learning about famous Costa Ricans, including Jorge Jimenez Deredia. One of my goals is to improve my listening skills. Jorge spoke on a level that challenged me, and yet was not too difficult. He was very good at repeating for me, or explaining using different words."

Judith Kistler, May 2020
"I was 100% satisfied with the classes and my professors. The material they gave me was clear and well structured, which helped me understand the topics we discussed. Also, the exercises we worked on were well suited for my level. Intercultura is one of the best language schools I know."

Emily Machen, April 2020
"It has been a great experience! Much better than I expected. Iris is a wonderful teacher, and I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the classes. I miss being in Costa Rica, but the quality of the online classes is very similar to face to face classes. Iris’ use of technology is impressive, the classes are challenging but interactive and extremely useful."

English & Brazilian Portuguese ONLINE CLASSES

Did you know? Costa Rica is home to a large and ever-growing Brazilian population, and many local “ticos” are now learning Portuguese in order to communicate with this community and to obtain jobs in the many trans-national companies working between Brazil, Latin America and US-Canada.