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What´s typical for Costa Rica?

Here are a couple of clues that give you an idea. But don’t worry if you can’t really understand what we are talking about. It actually requires a trip to Costa Rica!

Have you ever made coffee out of a sock? No?

You should! But just to make sure, we are talking about a coffee sock! 🙂 

Rice and beans sounds like the most boring food to you?

Not anymore after you will have experienced the Costa Rican cuisine.

Living the Pura Vida! No clue what this means?

Once you have made it to Costa Rica and have spent some time in this special country, you´ll know!

What is if you ask someone for his or her address and the person goes: “Oh no, we don´t have addresses here”!

How can this even work? It works! 🙂

Tico time?

Will surely release some pressure from your life.  

If the howler monkeys howl in the roadside trees it´s probably going to rain!

Forget the weather forecast. Animals know better!

While researching online we stumbled over this blog post which explains things perfectly. 10 things only someone who’s been to Costa Rica will understand definitely is one of those blog posts you won´t really get if you haven’t visited Costa Rica. Reading this one makes you want to go and see by yourself what’s it all about!