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non-profit samara costa rica

What is Samara’s non-profit CREAR Association?

CREAR represents Creativity, Education, Art and Social Responsibility

…and since 2005 this non-profit (originally started by and at Intercultura, and now independently-run and funded), has been operating in Sámara and Torrito, enriching the lives of our local youth.

Since its inception CREAR has provided supplementary education in English, the arts, music, technology and sports. Under the leadership of inspiring community member Andrea Keith for the past 11 years, CREAR has grown tremendously, now providing a huge number of vital programs and services to local community members of all ages at its own campus, as well as receiving several international volunteer groups each year and winning various nation-wide awards and grants, which in turn bring new initiatives and programs to the community.

CREAR also hosts cultural events in Sámara every year

…and for many local children and teens CREAR has meant a world of difference and inspired their life choice with the new perspectives they gain at CREAR’s programs.

Intercultura Costa Rica believes that programs like CREAR’s are vital to community growth

…and we fully believe the programs it offers contribute to a tangible increase in opportunities, empowerment and quality of life for the many local people. Check out their latest video to see local youth talk about their experiences, hear from CREAR’s staff and see how community participation makes a difference to the youth of our beautiful area!