Online Spanish Classes

Want to study Spanish but can´t make it to Costa Rica for classes?

Already planning a trip here, and want to be more prepared?

Just finished a course here and don´t want to lose what you learned?

Did you grow up hearing Spanish, but without any formal grammar study?

Are you a teacher and feel the need to brush up on your language and cultural knowledge?

Try our Online Spanish Classes from anywhere in the world!  As in our on-site classes, you’ll have engaging, conversation-focused instruction with expert teachers, using our Interactive Smart Board platform. With Intercultura´s ONLINE SPANISH classes you will be speaking, practicing and improving your Spanish from day  1, allowing you to maximize your exposure to the language and reach your Spanish immersion goals.

Our private and semi-private ONLINE SPANISH CLASSES via Skype are available for all ages and Spanish Levels. Classes follow the same dynamic, interactive methodology as the Spanish classes offered at our schools in Costa Rica, and focus on applied conversational skills, as well as any special areas you would like to focus on. Participants in a semi-private online classes need to be physically in the same location while receiving lessons, in order to maintain technological frameworks. If this is not possible, we recommend private online classes instead.

Once we receive your request for online classes we will start the coordination process, taking into account the dates and times you indicated. This process can take up to 2 to 3 business days.

PLEASE NOTE: Online classes are available from Monday to Friday from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm CST (Costa Rican time).



  • $26/ hr Privates
  • $40/ hr Semi-privates
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Spanish for TEACHERS

  • Latin Am. culture, advanced Spanish grammar/ linguistics
  • Year-round seminars online
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PLEASE NOTE: Online Spanish classes are offered from Monday to Friday!
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