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Intercultura es Gente – Colin from Switzerland


Intercultura is all about its people, and that is not just our staff and our host mothers, but also about our students.

This week’s #interculturaesgente post is about Colin Regli who studied Spanish with us in Samara for 7 weeks this year. He signed up for our Adult Spanish immersion program. You can find out more about this program here.

Why did you want to learn Spanish?

First I wanted to learn Spanish because I wanted to travel to South Amercia & for that I thought if I had a good base of Spanish it would be better. But in the end knowing other languages opens up the whole world & opens the doors to other cultures.

Why did you come to Costa Rica?

I started learning Spanish in Switzerland and my teacher there was a Tica. So it was almost obvious that I wanted to go to Costa Rica. Besides Costa Rica is in comparision to other countries pretty safe, beautiful and has many adventures to offer. We also often refer to it as “Switzerland of Latin america.”

Why did you choose Intercultura?

I heard about a school that was right in front of the sea & immediately I knew that I wanted to go there. I also read some good reviews about Intercultura so the decision was made pretty fast.

What did you like the most about the school and Sámara?

The teacher-student relationship is something very special. It is definitely not like in a normal school. The relationship is more like a friendship & especially in a small town like Samara you will always meet your teachers somewhere and you can have a chat with them & practice your Spanish. Samara is a beautiful little town, with a beautiful beach and a huge rainforest to explore.

Were you able to improve your Spanish with us?

I was surprised how fast I made progress here & I definitely was able to improve my Spanish.

How do you think this experience will change or influence your life?

Experiencing PURA VIDA day in, day out will probably affect my life and I will always remember Costa Rica as a calm, relaxing but also adventurous time in my life.