Family & Kids Program - Jeanette Adams,


I'm so glad that Intercultura offer the family program. I think that doing and learning things together as a family is important. Our daily lives are separated by work and school, so being able to have family experiences like these are important to strengthen family bonds.

We love to visit other countries to learn about different cultures and languages. And being at Intercultura we met so many nice people from other parts of the world. We want our children to be worldwide citizens, so this is a great way to enrich the kids.

Family & Kids Program - Camille Cumberbatch,


I cannot express the depth of our thanks to you and your wonderful team for the amazing experience we are having in Costa Rica and with Intercultura Costa Rica!!!

Our Mama Tica- Jeanette is an exceptional hostess! She is kind, considerate, helpful, generous and loving. We are very comfortable and happy staying at her home where she and her sons make us feel like family.  We are all learning so much about the Costa Rican lifestyle and values system.

Joshua is thoroughly enjoying his class experience and loves the dancing and meeting other international students. He is learning plenty from his teacher Annia, whom he respects and values deeply. He is definitely benefiting from his sessions with her.

Kelley Stewart,

"The staff are friendly and fun to be around. Incredibly helpful and personable.” studied at IC in January 2017

Maria S. - Pinkerton Academy student, USA,

HIGH SCHOOL GROUP: This trip completely changed my life for the better. The experience was unbelievable and so much more than I ever could have asked for. The memories I made will travel with me for my entire life and I am so thankful. 

Robert Higgins & Family, 64

FAMILY & KIDS CLASSES: "I can hardly say enough good things about Eva and my experience at Intercultura.  The administration was very friendly and helpful, the instructors were excellent, the course material and use of technology were top notch, the other students were motivated to learn."

Brenna K Hyland, 21

"Virginia is an all around wonderful Spanish professor. She explains assignments and instructions very well and demonstrates great patience for our errors. She adds good energy within the class, makes the time fly, and inspires me to want to learn Spanish."


Alicia, Foster & Ashton Cook, 30

FAMILY & KIDS CLASSES: We were all very impressed with the school. We had little to no knowledge of the spanish language and everyone at the school (staff and students) made us feel very welcome and were very inviting. HEREDIA CITY CAMPUS

Francois Gauthier, 58

“¡Buenas tardes amigas! Durante los tres últimos anos efectué reserva para Intercultural a este periodo del ano.  Este ano sera un poco diferente y desgraciadamente, no iré en enero a Samara….  Es un poco triste para me pero es la vida !  Otra vez indedudablamente !! Sé que voy a pensar a toto la familia de Intercultural en enero !!  Habiendo pertenecido a Intercultural de Samara durante tres años consecutivos, me gustaría usted aporta mis comentarios y sugerencias que conciernen al conjunto de mis estancias.

Tina Tevis, 30

UNITED STATES. Family & Kids classes. I really enjoyed the month I stayed at the school learning. The teachers, staff, and activity instructors are amazing.  My daughter and I loved Nuria, her twins, Katiia, Xinia, Chile, and Melvin.  We hope to come back each year. tinamarietevis@gmail.com June 2015



Natascha Rubin, 27

SWITZERLAND. (...) Ich war sehr erstaunt wie viel Spanisch man in kurzer Zeit versteht und sich immer mehr und mehr mit der Gastfamilie unterhalten konnte. (...) Die Lehrer sind sehr nett und geduldig. Wurde etwas nicht verstanden, so setzten sie Hände und Füsse ein und man verstand gleich was gemeint war. (...) Die Schule ist gleich neben dem Meer und so...

Christine Kraft, 38

DEUTSCHLAND. Mir gefaellt sehr, dass wir nur drei Schueler in der Klasse sind und wirklich nur Spanisch reden und Silvia sehr geduldig mit uns ist, wenn wir Fragen haben. Ausserdem gefaellt mir, dass der Unterricht abwechselnd vormittags und nachmittags stattfindet. (Lehrerin)


Rolf Kammermann, 45

SWITZERLAND. “We have just received the feedback from our client Rolf Kammermann. He was VERY happy with his stay, with the school, the teachers and accommodation. All marks were “excellent”. Once again very well done! Greetings from Zürich, Kind regards, Rebecca“, Kundenberaterin / Student Counselor. BoaLingua



Andreas Ravnsborg Daugaard, 21

DENMARK. I studied at Intercultura Language School in May 2015, and was very satisfied with my stay there. I had an advanced level of Spanish before coming there, so I participated on their advanced level, which was a very good experience. (...) Even though I only spend a single week at the school, I learend a lot, and will definitely recommend Intercultura to others that are interested in finding a good, solid Spanish school. May 2015

Tatiana Shpiniova, 28

UNITED STATES. Classes have exceeded my expectations. Jeannette is a friendly and dynamic instructor who explains content very well and maintains a nice pace to the curriculum. There is a good balance between games/fun exercises and review and drills… tanya.shpiniova@gmail.com March 2015



Robert Jordan, 66

UNITED STATES. The class was very appropriate for my level of Spanish, with only two other students whose level is about the same as mine.  The facilities and AV equipment are first rate. The teacher was highly skilled. I did a similar program in Mexico last year and Intercultura is an order of magnitude better.


February 2015

Megan Mc Cann, 37

UNITED STATES. Sylvia was excellent! She was patient, thorough, kind, and clear. Sylvia made my trip to Sámara worth the two flights and the stinky bus ride! 


January 2015      

Angela Swensen, 39

UNITED STATES. I did not speak any Spanish before this class… It is impressive how much I know now! Thanks to Sylvia, her humor was incredibly effective and made me feel very comfortable. Her corrections were kind and helpful. I felt very supported and welcome despite my lack of any previous Spanish. Julio is fantastic. So funny and welcoming. angiefrogs@yahoo.com

January 2015


Jan Newman, 55

UNITED STATES. I am extremely impressed by the organization of the school, the quality of the teaching and the facility. I have also enjoyed the activities offered and meeting the other students. I will be back!!! jan.k.newman@gmail.com January 2015



Frances Denny, 22

UNITED KINGDOM. The school is located right next to the beach and so is ultimately delightful. The people are very friendly both at the school and generally in the town. Great facilities at the school and super easy to register And settle in.