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"Intercultura has hosted teens ages 13-17 for 20 years and helped them improve their Spanish skills, which will help them throughout life. It’s the experience of a lifetime! A summer camp like none other."  Read the full article in the Costa Rican Times!

  Join us this summer from July 8th to 22nd, 2018!

This Adventure immerses teenagers in the Spanish language and culture of Costa Rica with:

Fun dynamic Spanish classes - Volunteer work experience - 

Cultural activities and tours - Homestay with local families


"Dayton made it home safe and sound. He had the time of his life. He really liked his chaperone, Justin and speaks highly of him. Only complaint was the size of the spiders. Which is funny. I really appreciate the effort and energy you put in to making sure the kids learned Spanish and had the opportunity to tour your beautiful country." Anastasia Wilson, Teen Camp 2014


With Intercultura’s Spanish Camp for teenagers,  have an unforgettable summer!

  • 20 intensive hours of Spanish Immersion Classes each week
  • experience for college applications 
  • local volunteer projects and language exchange with local teens
  • weekend trips to Costa Rica’s best destinations
  • mid-week trips to waterfalls, volcanoes, chocolate and coffee tours, animal sanctuaries and more!
  • cultural and language immersion with local homestay family (includes private room, breakfast & dinner, laundry service and outings with the family)
  • encourages growth, independence and global knowledge
  • daily cultural activities such as Latin dance, cooking class, movies in Spanish and more! 

Intercultura has over 20 years of experience hosting teen groups ... we know how to offer the experience of a lifetime!

Not only is this an exciting, memorable camp experience, but also a valuable personal growth experience, through the acquisition of a foreign language, involvement in local volunteer projects and in gaining independence as a global traveler and citizen.

Students will study in our Vibrant Historic Heredia campus their first week where they stay with one of our trusted, loving homestay families.  The second week takes place at our Tropical Beachfront Campus in Playa Sámara. They will be escorted to and from all activities with their bilingual chaperone who takes care of all logistics and make sure the teens are safe and engaged throughout the program.

JOIN US FROM JULY 9th TO 23rd, 2017!

Our teen summer camp starts on Sunday.  

  • Students should book their flights to arrive to SJO (San José Airport) on Sunday, July 9th and depart from SJO on Sunday, July 23rd.  
  • If your teen should like to arrive earlier or stay later, they may do so.  Their host family will be responsible for them and the fee is $25 per night.  There are no organized activities on these additional days and lunch is not included.

Please inquire for one-week session rates!

Tuition includes: classes, homestay, all meals, local ground transportation, all excursions & activities, and volunteer placement.  Airfare to/from Costa Rica is not included.


  • Breakfast with the homestay family
  • Morning activity (ex. Volunteer activity, Poás Volcano, surf lesson, local eco-hike, Latin dance class, local cooking class, La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Chocolate or coffee tour, arts and crafts class, Spanish movie)
  • Lunch at local restaurant with other teens and chaperone
  • Spanish Class from 1:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Dinner with host family
  • Between the first and second week, take a trip to: Jacó and Manuel Antonio National Park


  • Local School
  • Animal Shelter
  • Beach / Park  Clean-ups
  • Community Beautification
  • Elderly Care



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"My wife and I are huge fans of the Intercultura program.  One or both of our daughters have gone for the last 3 years.  Our second started at 13 years old.  (They are now in 10th and 12th grades). Both girls loved the program.  They made a lot of friends, participated in lots of fun activities, and learned a huge amount of Spanish. Each daughter has been taking honors or AP spanish in school since and has done exceedingly well -- which I attribute in no small part to their Intercultura experiences. I have gone to the Intercultura program myself in a midlife quest to learn Espanol.  The Samara school is literally right on the beach, and the people who run it are wonderful with the teens -- caring and watchful without being overbearing. My wife and I are very comfortable with them being at the school and walking around the town.  There is easy internet and phone access, so they can reach us anytime. As an aside, several children of friends, as well as one adult friend, have gone to the Intercultura on our recommendation. To the person, each has been very pleased. " -- Kent Alexander, (father of Nicki and Kayla)

"The beach family was so nice. Justin the chaperon was just great. Thank you for taking care of the kids. I felt like Tommy became a better speaker. He's going to continue with his Spanish tutoring with Kim throughout the summer to prepare for the AP test in the spring."  --Katherine Bates (mother)

"My son Vlad and I want to thank you and everybody who was involved in the 2012 Teen Camp program. He had an amazing experience in Costa Rica. Everything starting from school, tours to the food was very very good. Special Thanks to Sonia- the host family Mama. She is very nice and kind. My son also said that the tour guide was great, too.  I want to thank you very much for your help and assistance. The whole experience starting from the customer service to the last day of my son's trip was great. I will be happy to recommend this program to other people I know."   --Victoria Carlson and my son Vlad Panin

"Will and Steven certainly had a wonderful experience with Intercultura--great language instruction, enjoyable travel opportunities, and very nice people! Yesterday, they even attended a birthday party here in Raleigh for a friend that they met at the Samara Beach Intercultura. We will definately recommend Intercultura to our friends and family!!" --William Meyer, father of Will and Steven


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