Cultural Activities

Intercultura Heredia cooking class

Enjoy learning Spanish not only during class but also during our cultural and extra-curricular activities, offered daily at both campuses. If you combine both campuses, you will be able to sample our unique activities at each location, embracing the different cultures Costa Rica has to offer.

We offer a selection of activities every day, conducted in Spanish (the majority involve no extra charge). Students should check the notice boards in reception daily for times, sign-up sheets and specific information. We encourage all students to participate in as many activities as possible, as you will find they greatly enhance your understanding and connection to the culture.  


Latin dance - yoga (beach campus only) - cooking - Museum Tour (city campus only) - Zumba (beach campus only) - Spanish film nights - arts & crafts - Intercambios (conversational interchanges with Tico students) - optional weekend and mid-week tours (extra cost) - graduation activities, and others

Intercultura activities


We offer weekend excursions, half-day tours and additional cultural activities (such as monthly cultural events) are offered at an additional cost. Friends and family are welcome to join us for these when space permits. Destinations include volcanos, waterfalls, beaches, national parks, wildlife refuges, and many others...


What do students like to do in their free time when studying at Intercultura?

Our students have all different interests, for example;

At our Heredia campus,

  • some like hanging out at the central park in Heredia playing dominoes with the locals;
  • some like going to university bars and meeting “tico” students;
  • others like going to San José for theatre, art openings and concerts;
  • others prefer to get involved in sports activities like yoga, football (soccer) or basketball, swimming in the Olympic-sized pool one block from us, or going to the gym. 

At our beach campus,

  • students can learn to surf and/ or surf one of the area's many beaches,
  • go horse-riding down the beach, mountain-biking or hiking to nearby beaches or forests, zip-lining, doing yoga, kayaking to the island,
  • some students like to just hang out and enjoy the beautiful beach.
  • others choose to volunteer in our communities
  • some enjoy playing soccer on the beach or at the synthetic field with their Spanish teachers. 
  • some like to go out with their fellow language-learning friends, play pool or darts, trying out the local "bocas" (typical dishes) at a beachside bar or restaurant.

And lastly, almost all our students like to explore Costa Rica, whether going to a volcano, park, beach or rainforest, there is always somewhere new and exciting within easy reach for both weekend and day trips. 


"I was very impressed with the professional manner in which the school was run. Both the teachers and directors were very accommodating in tailoring a program to fit my specific skills and needs....The classes were demanding and interesting, and after class, having fun with the cultural activities was the high point of my day!...My experiences with both the school and the family were exceptional."  Tracy Hicks, CA. BA Sociology / Psychology

"The program was fantastic, there was a good balance between classes and other activities such as cultural learning and the excursions over the weekend/week. I would recommend the Intercultura experience for anyone wanting to learn Spanish".  Jemma Button, Australia

I am very impressed with how organized and inclusive this program is, and how welcoming and friendly the staff is. The homestay with Lilli's family has definitely been the best part, but I've also really enjoyed being able to spend time in the school, meet other travelers, dance, etc. Enrique is a  gem, by the way. I thought I couldn't dance, turns out I was wrong about that... Gracias por todo!"  Shelby Ziesing, USA

"The program was great! The dance classes a lot of fun and have made me want to keep learning at home. Weekend activities were fantastic" Sarah Beechey, 

"Really good, a real experience. Gave me an insight into costa rican culture that I would not have got if I just stayed in the tourist places. One thing I really loved was the trip to the museum in San Jose. Marcel was so knowledgable and it was so interesting to learn a bit more about the culture." Nynke Raven

"The dance classes were very fun, the cooking class was so great...I liked that we got to keep copies of the recipe. The extra activities on the weekends were also really fun and so were the program trips like the one to the buffet restaurant in the mountains." Han Pham