Why Intercultura - 10 good reasons!

1. CITY AND BEACH CAMPUSES: We have two campuses so you can experience the best of Costa Rica! Take Spanish classes at our bustling city campus in historic Heredia or our tranquil beachfront campus in Sámara, or both. Change easily from one campus to the other, without any interruptions in your learning process, due to the same teaching methodology, class structure, and materials at both schools. The only big difference is the location and the diversity of activities! 

2.  FRIENDLY, WELCOMING ATMOSPHERE: From the moment you walk in the door, you will feel like you are part of Intercultura. Our friendly staff will guide you through your first days getting to know your Spanish teachers, your homestay family and answering any questions you may have. Each day, you will have a chance to develop your Spanish through fun cultural activities taught by instructors who love what they do. At the end of your stay at either of our school locations you will have learned the language and lived the culture! Founded in 1993, Intercultura has always been a Spanish school that listens to its students, in alignment with our mission and philosophy to teach and nurture the students that pass through our doors, giving them the highest standard of service possible while they are taking Spanish classes and experiencing Costa Rican culture.

3.  FUN, CULTURAL ACTIVITIES:  In addition to our diverse and enriching curriculum, we offer free, daily cultural activities to make the transition from your native tongue to Spanish an easy one! Latin dance, cooking, films, yoga, zumba, tours, and more will ensure you have fun learning Spanish in and out of the classroom. We are also a cultural center, keeping you posted on special, local events.


4.  BEAUTIFUL, CUSTOM-DESIGNED FACILITIES: Our Heredia campus consists of a complex of three colonial-style buildings with tropical interior gardens and courtyards, and is located on the outskirts of town and within easy reach of everything the city offers. Our beautiful Sámara campus is right on the beach, with ample gardens and a front gate leading straight onto the sand! All classrooms have AC and ocean view. 
5. HIGH ACADEMIC STANDARDS: Our university accredited Spanish teachers are the very best at what they do; many have post-graduate degrees in the field and all attend ongoing professional development workshops. They work closely with you in small, dynamic groups, ensuring that you receive first-rate educational opportunities. Our curriculum and teachers have been approved to offer academic credit programs by department heads from Duke University, the University of North Carolina, the University of Connecticut, and many more. Every week, students evaluate our programs, and both campuses maintain an average of 95% for all teachers.
6.  SMALL CLASSES:  Small groups make a difference! Spanish classes containing a maximum of 6 students. Our communicative approach of teaching, fully engages students and puts them on the road to language success. Our class structure encourages students to speak as much Spanish as possible, and so our teachers actively adopt the 80/20 rule (students speak 80% of the time and teachers 20%). Between our homestays with ‘Tico’ (Costa Rican) families and our intensive classes you’ll be speaking Spanish from the moment you arrive. 

7.  HOMESTAYS: Fun, safe homestay families. We have selected the most friendly and helpful families to be part of our homestay program. All homes are within walking distance to the school and in addition to greatly helping your Spanish learning process, you will also create lasting relationships with your Tico families. All families are evaluated weekly and must maintain minimum standards in order to continue receiving students. Most of our families have been with us for ten years or more. 

8. COMMUNITY ACTION: We are committed to the communities that host us.  Although we are a private enterprise, the majority of our profits are reinvested into academic and professional development for our staff, improvement of student facilities, and expansion of our community and cultural activities: A significant portion of our earnings go to regional causes, social development organizations and to the endowment of our local student scholarship fund. Both schools and their staff have founded and participated in non-profit associations to provide supplemental education in the community for low-income and socially disadvantaged groups.  

9. VOLUNTEER PROGRAM: With our well established volunteer projects throughout the country and experienced volunteer coordinators on-site, Intercultura offers great and unique volunteer opportunities for all students who have completed a Spanish course with us. You can volunteer your time in the areas of education, social work, animal protection and environmental conservation. 

10. UNITED NATIONS RECOGNITION: Intercultura is also the first academic institution in Costa Rica to gain official recognition as a partner in the UN Global Compact, upholding the principles of sustainable development and corporate responsibility in human rights, labor laws and environmental practices.