Shelly Thorn

Dear Tyrone,

I would like to be sure that you and the teachers at Intercultura get some additional feedback on my experience with the school. Will you please pass on my note? It was truly a phenomenal experience to attend Intercultura. The campus was lovely and my two teachers – Carmen and Marla – were excellent. They were immensely personable, thoughtful, upbeat and helpful. The content was challenging, useful and well-presented. The format of 4 to 5 students worked extremely well as it was as much fun meeting new, interesting people with similar values as it was to learn the language. And the immersion experience of hearing and attempting to speak entirely in Spanish was key.

I’m very glad that I had planned for three weeks of instruction as each day and each week built amazingly on the last and my language skills grew by leaps and bounds. On a personal note, the way that I learned was interesting for me as I went through a number of times where I felt less confident than I had before. This usually occurred as I went through times of realizing what I didn’t know or when I was facing a personal fear of feeling overwhelmed or attempting to speak even when I couldn’t do it very well. But even more times, my confidence grew and my ability to speak conversationally grew exponentially. I loved getting insights into learning a new language that I had never experienced before which might be a bit hard to explain in writing but I’ll try: I learned to say what I knew how to say instead of having a thought in English that I tried to translate into Spanish. I learned to think in phrases or thoughts instead of individual words when speaking in Spanish. And I learned that when the language was flowing for me, that I could experience – albeit rarely and temporarily – the rhythms of the language that I so love. After I left the school and had a few days to practice Spanish before leaving the country I had some really fun times where I conversed with a security guard, taxi driver, etc. entirely in Spanish. My ability to understand native Spanish speakers has grown tremendously. It was immensely gratifying!

I’m sorry for not saying good-bye to Marla as I really appreciated her teaching style – she is an absolutely excellent teacher.

Thank you!


Shelly Thorn

Redmond, WA
United States