Maria S. - Pinkerton Academy student, USA

HIGH SCHOOL GROUP: This trip completely changed my life for the better. The experience was unbelievable and so much more than I ever could have asked for. The memories I made will travel with me for my entire life and I am so thankful. 

The people were amazing, the chaperones were amazing, the trip was amazing. I cannot say one bad thing, it was worth every penny. Not only did my Spanish improve but my ability to speak up in situations did too. I became so comfortable in talking to complete strangers through the home stay and the intercambio. I also learned about the history of Costa Rica and a little bit about Peru because my teacher was from there. It was such a culturally enriching trip and I would not trade one second of it for the world. Not only was it educational in an interesting way but it was fun. Those two weeks were some of the happiest times of my life. Everything was just pure fun. It truly was a highlight of my life.

2016 Pinkerton Academy group, USA, at our HEREDIA CITY CAMPUS

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