Lindsay Jones


Me llamo Lindsay Fields Jones y fui estudiante en Intercultura en 1998. Hasta diez anos, mi espanol es mas o menos. :-) Siempre pienso en Costa Rica y espero que un dia, puedo regresar con mi esposo y mi hijo a visitar mis amigos de diez anos! Voy a escribir en Ingles ahora.

I wanted to send an email to your school as it is a long overdue THANK YOU for what your school has provided me. In 1998, I was still a college student and spent 5 or so months studying at Intercultura living with Felix y Emilia Segura Montero and their 3 daughters, Lorena, Darlene, and Carol. To this day, I am still in touch with them and we even talk to each other using the web camera every now and then!

I see that Intercultura has grown over the years and that you now have another campus! Que Bueno y fantastico!

Also, I am sure they won't remember me, but Marcelo and Vanessa were some of my teachers while I was studying. Marcelo made us listen to songs in Spanish and find the missing words and fill in the blanks on his worksheets. We listened to Ricky Martin and Shakira BEFORE they became huge successes in the US, where I am from. I was so proud to go home and say to my friends, "I listened to Shakira in SPANISH" before she came out with her English hits! Same goes for Ricky Martin.

Also, Vanessa was an incredible dance teacher and I still LOVE to dance salsa and meringue. I work for an International Business School and when we have fiestas, I am always dancing with the Latin Americans! My husband is from the UK and knows how to boogie, but not like those Latin's! Vanessa was great in organizing outings to the clubs so we could practice our dancing skills!

My experience in Costa Rica has remained one of the best and most happy times of my life. I loved every day and think about the great times very often. I celebrated my 21st birthday in Costa Rica, and I will never forget the kind, gentle nature of the Ticos.

So, again, thank you for everything you have provided for me and for all of your students over the years. You are a great school and keep up the great work.

Have a lovely day and maybe one day I will come back and visit with you again.



United States