Laine Medina

ACIS Ausherman Group Leader, USA

Maria Fernanda was outstanding as the class professor. I really like how she led the discussions, shared personal examples and her experiences.  She has a fantastic sense of humor and a wonderful personality. 

I expected to have good conversations here in spanish, however, I didn t expect to have such profound discussions on life and love and relationships.  This was such a wonderful clase and topic.  I was able to reflect on my Spanish grammar skills as well as so many other aspects of my life.  I learned from Maria as well as the other students with different view points in the class.  In addition, I would like to add that I learned so many new things regarding Spanish grammar!!! I certainly have many things much clearer now in my head. I studied in Bolivia 13 years ago and have had questions regarding 'vos' for years.  It's been so long, I had even forgotten that I had questions. It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to have some of these questions finally answered.  Because I already spoke Spanish then by the time I went to college I never formally studied the subjunctive, futhermore as a Spanish teacher of the levels 1, 2, and 3, I have yet to teach it.  It was wonderful being in this class where we put all the subjunctive together."

Feb 20, 2012.

United States