Kay Godfrey

Feed back from Lona Crist ACIS group. Hats off to Lucie with warm thanks! Thanks, Kay

TM: Lucie Angers – Lucie is Intercultura's group coordinator person and really went above and beyond for the group. Lucie was adorable according to Lona. "Lucie was marvelous!" She arranged sandwiches for the kids since their flight was early in the morning. The excursions that Lucie went with them on were great! The turtle refuge was an amazing experience for the students. She pushed this back and asked the park to stay open later so they could see the turtle eggs hatching. It was incredible! Lucie also went with Lona to a local movie store and purchased a Spanish movie for the group to watch during the evening. She also arranged a bonfire for the group one night at the beach. She purchased all the goodies to make smores too! The kids loved this!

Lastly, Lucie was able to help Lona set up a horseback riding excursion for the kids. Another great time!

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