Katie Winchell

ESL Teacher

Laura, I can't tell you how helpful the Spanish classes I took there have been to me in my work, and now in the ESL classes I'm teaching. I was so frustrated before I came there because I had studied Spanish several times in my life (high school, college, continuing education classes, medical "brush-up" classes), but I could never express myself or hold up my end of a conversation. I was actually terrified when I first arrived at Intercultura; in fact, so terrified that I'm amazed Marcelo was able to put me in the correct level. But Hernán was able to put me at ease very quickly, and the curriculum was so effective, that I was immediately more effective when I returned from just 2 weeks of study at Intercultura, and I've been back to study with you twice since. And there is so much about Costa Rica to love! The last time, I took a real chance and enrolled my husband, who had studied several other languages, but not much Spanish. It was his turn to be terrified, but, once again, I was impressed with how empowering his classes with Ana and Hernán were for him. He subsequently studied at another school while I took the TEFL certification. Even though he learned and enjoyed himself there, he said it couldn't compare with the experience at Intercultura, and he's pushing me to come back to Intercultura this year. What a turn around! My experience learning with your school in the immersion method inspired me to learn to teach English in a similar way, which I'm currently doing with hispanic immigrants here in Asheville, although in the future I might want to do so in a Spanish-speaking country. It's such an effective method, as my husband and I have experienced. Thanks so much for all you and your staff do. Keep up the good work!


Katie Winchell


United States