Jan Sharoff

Teen Program

Dear Evelyn, Barbara, Laura and Tyrone,

I want to thank you all for giving my daughter, Julie, a great experience. When she and Sarah got off the plane, I asked them on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the best how would they rate their experience at Intercultura they both said 10 and wished they could have stayed longer. Both of them want to return to Costa Rica because of the great experience they had. They traveled to many interesting places, learned a lot, practiced their Spanish and had a lot of fun. They both have been studying Spanish every day at school for six years and said that this program helped them a lot because they have never been exposed to native speakers and needed that experience to improve. Julie also liked the other students and had a lot of fun with them. It is such a popular program that an assistant principal from my school district was studying there at the same time Julie was. But even though I knew several adults who attended Intercultural, I was worried about my daughter traveling alone to a foreign country. It turned out to be a great experience for Julie. She said her host mom was waiting for her with a big sign and both moms took very good care of her and were better cooks than me! She loved all of the activities and said they were geared toward teens. She really liked her teacher and chaperones. Also, your program saved me money beucase when I was looking at programs the ones that had chaperones from Denver travelling to Costa Rica with the teens were more expensive. When she returned I felt that I picked the best program forJulie.

Thanks again for all of your help and please thank your staff and her homestay families, as she enjoyed them very much!

Jan Sharoff

Denver, CO
United States