Franziska Meierhofer


In November 2008, I started volunteering at Intercultura as the German-speaking administrative assistant. Out of curiosity (and in order to improve my Spanish) I decided after a short while to start attending classes.

I enjoyed the intensive school days that were always exciting and included a variety of learning methods in addition to the basics: Latin American movies, a lot of conversation, topic-relevant vocabulary and – of course – all the additional activities offered by the school and held in Spanish, like Yoga and Tae Bo.

All this resulted in a perfect mixture. Intercultura Language School offers a unique freshness that contributes greatly to the learning process, although the astonishing view over beach and ocean, as well as the monkeys relaxing in the trees of the school garden, can have a distracting effect! The authentic friendliness and warmth of the dynamic staff creates a strong feeling of being welcome and even “at home”. Here, you will meet people from all over the world, play volleyball on the beach, study Spanish in the school hammocks and one thing for sure: you won’t want to leave!”

¡Disfrútenlo! (Enjoy!)