Alison Germaneri

UNITED STATES. (Brookhaven) Intercultura in Heredia was the perfect setting for me to study Spanish.  During the week I could completely focus on my language learning. Since Heredia isn’t a big tourist destination there are fewer English speakers so I was forced to use my Spanish navigating through the city, going restaurants and shops and of course going dancing. I enjoyed immersing myself in the city life to get an authentic feel of Costa Rican culture. I also loved that the school was centrally located in the country making just about any destination doable for a weekend excursion. There was even a wide range of day trips near the city for fun weekend activities. The Heredia campus gave me a perfect balance between traveling around the country and enjoying city life and I could work on improving my Spanish through it all.

Choosing between the Heredia and Samara campus is a tough choice, especially if you’ve seen the Samara campus, which literally looks like paradise. But the Heredia campus ended up being the perfect option for me for many reasons. 

Heredia is not a big tourist destination so restaurants and shops are catered to Costa Ricans, this means you are forced to use your Spanish. This gives you a true feeling of total immersion and is a huge benefit to your Spanish studies.

Being in the city also gives you a wide range of activities like going to the park, museums, cafés, shops and dancing. You can hop on the bus and go explore a neighboring city. The area also offers hiking trails, volcanoes and some great ecological attractions. You won’t run out of things to do.

While the Samara campus is beautiful I knew if I decided to study there I wouldn’t travel on weekends. I wouldn’t opt to spend the day on the bus if I was already at a beautiful beach. I wanted to see as many places in Costa Rica as I could and Heredia is perfectly situated in the center of the country so just about any destination in the country is doable for a weekend trip. 

The Heredia campus gave me the perfect balance between city life and weekend journeys and was the perfect way to work on improving my Spanish.

visited 2014

United States