Superior Program Quality

Quality Spanish Immersion Classes

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica with Intercultura's internationally recognized Spanish programs, offered year-round at both city and beach campuses. Each Spanish course is designed for full immersion in real-life contexts and social interactions. 

Widely recognized as one of the top language schools in Costa Rica, Intercultura has a variety of Spanish programs for all ages and learners.


Our primary goal is to teach you the Spanish language in a warm yet intellectually challenging environment. Classes at both of our campuses - Heredia city and Playa Samara - are conducted entirely in Spanish, providing students from all over the world with a complete and intensive learning experience. 

Intercultura's professors have advanced university degrees and teaching certification, and we are accredited through the US university system, offering undergraduate academic credit to those interested. In addition, you have the opportunity to come to know Costa Rica, its traditions and its rich cultural heritage by participating in our daily cultural activities and events. 


We believe that the communicative approach in a total immersion context is the most effective method for learning Spanish quickly. Classes are dynamic, interactive, and structured to maximize the language acquisition process in our immersion programs with small classes and 18 different levels. At both of our campuses we follow the same approach to teaching and class structure.

Teaching Methodology and Class Structure


The quality of our Spanish programs is among the highest in Costa Rica and Latin America, as evidenced by our references: We have been received students from Duke University, the World Health Organization (WHO), Fulbright Commission teaching programs, the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS), the University of Connecticut, the University of Washington, the European Commission, the Costa Rican Consulate in the US, Colorado University, Collège de Maisonneuve, HEBO (Holland), the University of North Carolina, and more. 

On a larger scale, we hope to promote global awareness and tolerance through this sharing of cultures. We believe that participation in programs such as this one teach not only a new language, but also effective tools for communication and understanding in the constantly evolving world culture in which we live.


"In my role as a trainer of teachers, I am keenly aware of what constitutes effective instruction...[and] as an educator, I recognized and experienced first-hand the excellence of Marcelo's instruction.....[He] has the ability to explain grammatical concepts with great clarity...he constructed excellent visuals which helped me comprehend and use the new learning. Equally effective was his insistence that all newly learned grammar be applied in conversation....It is my belief that [he] is an outstanding instructor, one of the finest I have encountered in my work as an educator."

-- Marc Becker, PhD, Director of high-school district Research and Assessment.


NOTE: In order to maintain academic consistency in the material covered in each level, classes containing only 1 student may be reduced to 3 hours per day instead of 4. Exceptions may apply for academic credit candidates, and/or at the discretion of the program director.