More Reception & Admin Staff

Spanish & English Dept.

Fanny (upper left), Yami (upper right), Melissa (lower left) and Andreina (lower right) work mostly for the Department of Foreign Languages. Yamileth is from Nicaragua and works at Intercultura since 2012, while Fanny, Melissa and Andreina are from Costa Rica. Fanny works at Intercultura since 2009, Melissa since 2013 and Andreina since 2014. Besides working at Intercultura as the administrative coordinator for the English & Foreign Languages Dept., Fanny runs a company she founded with her husband, binding with international companies to supply and sale raw material for the plastics industry. Fanny studied Business Administration at the Instituto Técnico de Administración de Negocios. She specialized in public relations and administration and then worked for several companies in customer services and public relations. When not working, Fanny enjoys spending time with her family at home and traveling. Yamileth enjoys swimming and going out for walks, Melissa enjoys spending time with her children and going out with friends. Andreina likes listening to music, dancing and drawing. Yamileth, Melissa and Andreina work as receptionists for Intercultura´s Department of Foreign Languages and also take English courses at Intercultura. They all four love the great possibility to meet students from different cultures as well as the native English students, and the good relationship between colleagues.