Jerry Arend

Tour Guide
Jerry Intercultura Heredia

Jeri offer Intercultura students excursions all over the country. He is from Costa Rica and has been involved in tourism his whole life. He likes working as part of the school team, and values the human contact and professionalism of his coworkers and students alike. The enthusiasm of the students and the interpersonal contact with them, as well as the chance to learn about different cultures and his own country, are what attracted him to working in tourism. About Jeri: Everything is "¡Pura Vida!" When he was a kid: He wanted to fly like Superman

Hobbies: Playing soccer and making friends

What he likes most about his job: Meeting people

Favorite movie: American Pie

Favorite colors: Black and white

Favorite song: "En el muelle de San Blas" by Maná

Favorite food: Fish and any other seafood

Favorite animal: Dog