Jeannette Vargas

Cooking Teacher
Jeannette Intercultura Heredia

Jeannette lives in Fátima, Heredia, where she worked for many years in the National Institute for Cooperatives before joining Intercultura in 2003 as a host mother, teen chaperone and then cooking teacher. She studied at the Professional Culinary Education Institute, and she believes that cooking is an art in which there is always something new to be learned. Jeannette's hobbies are cooking, dancing, and exercising, and meeting and talking with people from other cultures. Her warm and caring personality (and of course her excellent food!) make her a favourite with students.

When she was a kid: She wanted to be a singer

Hobbies: Dancing

What she likes most about her job:  She gets to do what she loves--cooking!

Favorite movie: Lo que el viento se llevó

Favorite color: Green

Favorite person: Maria Teresa de Calcuta

Favorite food: Fish

Favorite drinks: Jugos naturales (natural fruit drinks)

Favorite animal: Cat

Favorite historical event: Having her children

What she is most grateful for: Being in good health so that she can smile back at life