Holli Barrett

Groups & Student Advisor (Heredia)

Holli is a small-town Nebraskan native and a University of Nebraska –Lincoln alum, having graduated with a BA/double major in Spanish and International Studies. From a young age she has had a fascination and interest in international culture and travel.  She specifically recalls her first international exposure as a young child when her family hosted two foreign cast members from an international entertainment group: their guests’ exotic clothing, customs and foreign language left a lasting impression with Holli and planted a seed for future travel and cultural exchange.

She has since participated in student exchange programs in Venezuela and Costa Rica, and has spent much of her adult life teaching English as a second language to children and adults. At Intercultura, she now works in student services and administration for the Foreign Language & Spanish Departments.  Her favorite aspect of working at Intercultura is being in a multi-language/ multi-cultural ambiance on a daily basis.  Fluent in both English and Spanish, she loves helping students, teachers and administrative staff whenever called on. Holli has been in Costa Rica since 2007, living with her “Tico” husband and two beautiful young children. In her free time she enjoys traveling and loves cooking, yoga, and photography. 

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