Spanish & Surf

spanish and surfing costa rica

Sámara Beach - the perfect spot to learn how to surf - and even more convenient since we are right on the beach!

Are you looking to learn more than just Spanish? Like going surfing before or after your Spanish classes?

Not only is our Spanish school right next to the beach but also all surf schools in town are right along the beach and within very short walking distance from our campus, making the combination of Spanish and Surfing very easy. 

Once you get into town you can either come and talk to us in the reception and inquire about the surf schools and how a surf lesson would be like, or you can go straight to any of the surf schools and check for pricing and tides. Some surf schools give a special discount to Intercultura students, so don´t forget to mention that when you ask for rates. However, we recommend to first wait until you have your Spanish class schedule for the week and then plan your surf lessons accordingly. 

Why we do not recommend to arrange a surf lesson package ahead of time?

There are several factors that can influence your surfing plans: tides, heavy rainfalls, strong winds or tropical storms. There are also many surf schools to choose from and each student may has their own personal preferences in terms of school quality and ambience. 

What happens often is that students aren´t aware of those factors before arrival. When you begin you should generally take one or two surf lessons and then practice on your own for the following days or week(s). We also do not recommend to schedule too many surf lessons within a short time frame since beginners first need to find out about their actual abilities and learning pace. Give yourself some time. It requires lots of practice!


SPANISH & SURF REVIEW: "We could not have asked for a better surf instructor than Manfred. He was knowledgeable, an excellent instructor, great communicator and very personable. In short, Manfred was fantastic! Our Spanish instructors (Darihana, Nelsy and Kelvin) were all marvelous. We would want them again for future Spanish lessons." Bruce Sakashita, 67, USA , - Visited February 2018