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FAMILY REVIEW: "I cannot express the depth of our thanks to you and your wonderful team for the amazing experience we are having in Costa Rica and with Intercultura Costa Rica!" Read the whole feedback at OUR TESTIMONIALSParents Camille and Michael with son Joshua (16), Heredia Campus,

You are a familiy and wish not only to travel but also to learn Spanish? We offer not only a friendly atmosphere and learning environment for individual Spanish learners but also for parents who are travelling with their children, facilitating your family Spanish language vacation.



SPANISH PROGRAMS FOR KIDS & TEENS: Parents have the option to participate in our adult group classes, and arrange for their children to take Intercultura's customized Spanish classes and activities for children and/or teenagers. Your children develop their Spanish skills in a fun, motivating and social context with other children. Although activities are conducted in Spanish, all teachers speak English too, so your child will be able to express him/herself when necessary in his/her native language. It is important to note that especially for younger learners, these classes are multi-level, multi-age groups, in which the primary focus is to conduct learning-based activities and games in Spanish, with a lesser emphasis on traditional second language acquisition structures. Your child will study the basics in Spanish, but more importantly will be speaking and hearing Spanish throughout the four hours of class time, thereby developing conversational fluidity in a natural, intuitive setting.   

Age groups:

Group One: 8 – 12 years 

Group Two: 13 - 17 years


4 hours/ day Mon - Fr (children are on the same schedule as their parent(s) if parents are enrolled in classes)

Class format, structure and details:

As in our adult Spanish programs we use the communicative approach in our kids classes. The kids and teens will do a combination of in-class learning and out of class activities based on the levels present within the group. The format is as follows: 3 hours in the classroom and 1 hour in the  school gardens where they might join with other children to play games and reinforce what they´ve studied in the classroom. Activities may also take place around town and on the beach (no in-water activities) when choosing our Samara Campus. Activities include Sports, arts & crafts, storytelling, beach games, treasure hunts, environmental hikes, “realia” Spanish activities, occasional classroom activities and more. All materials are included in the class price, except for any special field trips with transport and entry fee, in which case parents will cover any additional costs. 

This is not an academic, grammatically-structured class; it is a Spanish Camp for young learners! Those who prefer a tailored class with a level-specific academic emphasis may prefer to choose the option of private classes.

PRIVATE CLASSES: Available for children of all ages who prefer to take less than the 20 hours per week of group classes, or who require a specific academic focus for their class. We can also assist in setting up additional childcare if necessary.


Parents participate in our adult group classes, and can choose opposite schedules so that one parent is free while the other is in class, allowing for parent-based childcare.


If your children are too young for our kids' program, we recommend in-home childcare with one of our trusted homestay families (approx. $6-7 per hour) or at one of our recommended local bilingual daycares that accepts short-term students (approx. $150 per week for 4 hours per day):



Child must have a parent or legal guardian present in Sámara for the duration of the program, who will be responsible for drop off, pick-up and in case of emergency. For younger learners, it is recommended the guardian is also present during break times. 



We encourage families to sign up with a homestay, as we have several excellent families that have children of their own as well as space to accommodate guest families. Parents will notice the rapid Spanish progress of their kids if they choose to live at a homestay that has children around the same age as their own. For those that want more independence, there are many options in Samara and Heredia, from hotels to apartments to vacation villas. We are happy to help with suggestions on places to stay close to school. It is important to note that there will be cultural differences in the homestays (for example, the TV is often on more than you might be used to), and that the food provided is typically Costa Rican (lots of rice and beans!), usually not organic nor easily adapted to gluten-free and other similar dietary restrictions (you may supplement with your own food, however this will be at your own cost).


If you are looking for an affordable accommodation option (lodging and food) for your whole family we recommend our Shared Homestay Option which includes breakfast and dinner, shared room for parents, shared room for your kids and laundry service. 



There are many family-friendly activities available in Sámara, including biking, horse-riding, surfing, Stand Up Paddleboarding, eco-hikes, and more. We will be happy to arrange these half day or full day trips for your family, as well as offer assistance in your further family travel planning. The beach campus itself is an ideal base for families, with outdoor showers, fridge, WiFi, hammocks and large gardens, ideal for kids to play and stay comfortable during a day at the beach. 

If you prefer to be in a city setting, our historic Heredia campus offers a beautiful colonial campus and gardens, close to the olympic pool, gym, basketball court and football field. There are also many day-trips ideal for kids, from the children's museum to the educational eco-park, to canopy tours to volcano hikes. We will be happy to arrange day and weekend tours for your family from both our campuses. 



Describe your family experience in one to three words: "Unforgettable, excellent awesome"

"The different extra curricular activities that were available after classes such as the tea time and especially the cooking and dance classes were very fun to participate in and a great way to be introduced into the culture." HEREDIA CAMPUS



"We were all very impressed with the school. We had little to no knowledge of the spanish language and everyone at the school (staff and students) made us feel very welcome and were very inviting. We had loved all the tours and after school activities that were offered. Our family was amazing. The food was amazing and they were very kind and inviting. They talked to us in as much spanish as we could understand and incorporated english when necessary. They left a special place in our hearts." HEREDIA CAMPUS


Describe your family experience in one to three words: "Outstanding, exceeding expectations"

What was the most fun/ exciting part of the program? "I wanted Eva to meet people from a different culture, to learn Spanish, to meet international students and have fun (surf). We hit the mark on all of those issues." SAMARA CAMPUS


What was the most fun/ exciting part of the program?
 "It was so wonderful to see how quickly the kids learned Spanish, all while having a great time. Never once did they complain about going to "school"." SAMARA CAMPUS 


"We had 5 young people attend the school for two weeks in July of 2015. They were ages 9, 10, 12, 14 and 16.  The teachers were very friendly and professional, and the people working in the school are also the same.  Our children learned a great deal of Spanish, and their conversation skills definitely improved.  The facilities are clean, modern and comfortable.  The vibe of the school is very positive, with many young people from all over the globe, as well as older students.  It seemed to be mostly college aged students while we were there.  Heredia is a city that is very Costa Rican, there are very few tourists that visit the city, so we were happy with that, it helped the children learn Spanish. The money we spent was a good investment, we liked the school very much." HEREDIA CAMPUS



"I really enjoyed the month I stayed at the school learning.  The teachers, staff, and activity instructors are amazing.  My daughter and I loved Nuria, her twins, Katiia, Xinia, Chile, and Melvin.  We hope to come back each year." SAMARA CAMPUS 


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