Spanish Only Pledge

Intercultura Costa Rica Spanish Only Pledge

There is always a temptation to speak in your native language outside of class time, especially at our beach campus, where more tourism means more languages are spoken in addition to Spanish! For this reason, we have implemented a "Spanish Only Pledge", which means that students commit to speaking only Spanish in class, during activities, and on campus. Immerse yourself and come a big step closer in reaching your language goals.

What does Spanish Only mean?  

At Intercultura Language School, we strive to create a complete immersion experience for our students and have implemented our "Juramento Linguistico" or our "Spanish Only Pledge". The first day on our campus, you'll take the "pledge" with all new students-- a fun way to encourage camaraderie and support among our students, who have increased their Spanish speaking abilities quickly and successfully in our fully immersive environment. ¡No se preocupe!

The less opportunities we offer our students to speak in other languages, the faster and the more efficiently they will learn Spanish. You'll be surprised how much progress you can make within a very short time.

The Spanish Only Pledge forms part of our school philosophy. On campus you will see our little frog on the red and yellow signs, reminding students of our Spanish rules. Additionally, all of our staff is involved in prompting students to speak in Spanish, if they should use other languages while on campus.

Take a look at the video to see what our pledge is all about: