Spanish & Medical Focus

Medical Spanish classes adapted to your learning needs and profession, giving you the opportunity to acquire Spanish language skills in an immersion setting and learn to communicate appropriately with your patients in Spanish.
In addition to the year-round classes for adults of all ages, Intercultura Costa Rica offers specialized programs for those who need to meet academic requirements and/or be able to work more effectively in their field. 
If you are looking for a combination of Spanish Study with a major emphasis on medical Spanish and exposure to local medical clinics and Latino patients, Intercultura Costa Rica offers just that at our Heredia City Campus.
The structure of our Medical Spanish program varies according to the student´s Spanish level.

  • 3 hours / day private classes, Mo - Fr
  • Field trip to area medical facilities, once a week during class time
  • Daily cultural activities
  • Additional private hours may be added upon request
  • Regular group classes 4 hours / day, Mo - Fr
  • 6 hours private lessons per week as follows: 1 hour per day of private Medical Spanish class, Mo - Wed, plus one 3-hour field trip (Th) to area medical facility
  • Daily cultural activities
  • Additional private hours may be added upon request
PROGRAM LENGTH: 1 to 12 weeks 1 to 12 weeks
NOTE: Field trips do not include hands-on medical attention giving for the student, as Costa Rican law prohibits this without taking equivalency exams, available only to doctors who already hold a degree. 
ACCOMMODATION: Homestay Lodging: Live with a local homestay family whose members are medical professionals themselves and practice your Spanish even more!

Group classes + private lessons + homestay lodging + $75 one-time clinic placement fee + donation fee (depending on the placement)!

You can also do your Spanish program first and add on some volunteering at a medical clinic or hospital afterwards for an one-time volunteer placement fee of $99 + donation fee.