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Universities, High-schools, and Special Interest Groups

Intercultura frequently hosts groups of university students, professionals, retirees and younger learners.

Institutions that have chosen to send students to Intercultura include: University of Washington, Duke University, UNC, Organization for Tropical Studies, ACIS, West Point Military Academy, Catawba College, Collège de Maisonneuve, Flagler University, Lindenwood, Waiuku College, and a variety of volunteer, high-school and 50+ groups.

If you have a group that is interested in travelling together to learn Spanish, travel and participate in activities related to your group’s aims back home, we can create a customized program for you, including free or discounted Spanish classes for the group leader, depending on group size. Groups can be made up of any membership you choose, coming from, for example, clubs (Rotary, Lion’s etc), church groups, academic institutions, research or social groups (gender studies, environment & development issues, LGBT, anthropology, literature), and other. Itineraries will include classroom time, lodging if desired, and a customized itinerary of tours depending on your group's interests. 



“You are only one decision away from a totally different life” – Geneva High school’s Intercultura Costa Rica Trip

University of West Georgia students learned to dance salsa and bachata like pros during their time at our city campus in Heredia!



HEREDIA CITY CAMPUS - 2018 Wartburg College group, Iowa, USA

"Sydney, Laura and Johannah: Thank you all for being gracious and dedicated professionals who made the MWSU trip to Costa Rica a success in spite of the many issues surrounding this trip. We were very impressed with you and Intercultura. I hope that MWSU students in the future will have the opportunity to study in Costa Rick though Intercultura. Thanks again!" Gordon, Dean & Executive Director


HEREDIA CITY CAMPUS - 2016 Pinkerton Academy group, New Hampshire, USA 

"The school in heredia was absolutely wonderful. My teacher Samuel was fantastic, probably the best teacher I have ever had. I wish all my classes at Pinkerton, especially the Spanish ones, were taught the way his classroom was structured. My Spanish improved, my speaking ability and confidence increased drastically and I could not be more appreciative. Being in Samuel's class was a highlight of the trip, a highlight of my life."  Maria S., student

Made me realize I want to continue to see the world for the rest of my life." Emma G., student

"I thought that more than anything this program gave me a love of the Spanish language that I had not had before. I became much more confidant in my current abilities as well as my confidence in what I will be able to learn in the future. Along with that it made me independent and responsible for talking care of my own things because my parents were not there to make sure that I had everything together or sunblock on so I had to do that myself. Probably best of all, I met the most amazing people on this trip and I cannot imagine having a better group of people to have traveled and stayed with. I feel connected to all of them and even if we don't see each other every day anymore and we don't have the same opportunities to be together and have fun I will always miss my friends from Costa Rica." Caelin Mc., student

"This was my first out of country experience, I have learned a lot not just of Spanish and of a different culture, but of myself and what I can accomplish just by putting my mind to it. A close friend had said I was happier after the trip, I feel much more comfortable conversing with others in Spanish (and English) and this has only made me want to pursue environmental science (for college) more than ever before especially after seeing the different types of environments one place can have and the beauty that is found in Costa Rica." Michelle D., student


María Elena Rodríguez, Director of Working Languages, Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“… I have taken my MBA, EMBA, and BSBA students in different occasions to Intercultura in Heredia and have only positive things to comment about their school, personnel and programs. My students have thought that the instructors at Intercultura have been wonderful and patient, something they have admired. Adelita and her staff are always available and very helpful when it comes to anything needed…Adelita is always the watchful eye to know that everything with my group runs smoothly.  The personnel in the reception area are very nice, patient and friendly.  The Director of the Spanish courses, Marcelo, who is in charge of the professors is a very qualified, efficient, and with great disposition to help.  The person in charge of homestays is always checking to know that things are running well with the families. I think you are in very good hands with the Intercultura personnel and programs.


Leah Cáceres Lutzow,  Department Chair Global Studies, Spanish, & Bilingual Medical Interpretation, Fox Valley Technical College

“I was very impressed with the school, the facilities and everyone’s professionalism. Lindsay was beyond wonderful to work with, she was able to handle and organize anything we threw at her without blinking an eye…I look forward to working with Intercultura again in the future.”

Madison Haynosch, Student, University of Connecticut Group, USA 

"In the few weeks of classes between Heredia and Samara, I learned more than I could have imagined about Spanish culture. The background provided and the strong organization was extremely helpful to understand how the class would run.The professors were fantastic and open to questions."  

Lesley Sarver, Group Leader 2012, Hickory High School, Chesapeake, VA

Our trip to Costa Rica was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life and in the lives of the students I led. The town of Samara opened their homes and their hearts to us. We really got to experience the best that Costa Rica has to offer. The excursions were top notch and the food exquisite. Our coordinator, Lucie, was amazing. She went above and beyond to make our stay enjoyable. She was flexible with our schedule and was willing to move things around to accommodate us. The classes and teachers were phenomenal. Not only were we able to learn a lot about the language, but we also learned a lot about the culture and history. The teachers made the hours in the classroom fly by with endless conversation and fun learning tactics. I would truly recommend this wonderful language program. I certainly praise the people involved with the school and its purpose."  

Lynn Belardo, Roton Middle School, Norwalk, CT

"I must say that the Intercultura Schools are really amazing.  When I first approached the possibility of taking 8th graders to Costa Rica for a [Spanish &] homestay program I was quite concerned that the quality of the whole experience would be safe, sound and well run.  I must say that the school in Heredia not only met my expectations, but surpassed them by a mile. The staff at Intercultura is professional and qualified beyond belief.  I have been a teacher for 33 years and their strategies and approach to language learning taught me things that I was able to bring back to my classes. As for my students, they benefited beyond words. The management of the schools is very efficient and clear.  They stick to itinerary schedules on the dot and provide everything and more than they promise. I never took students to Intercultura Samara ...I went there myself however with 3 other teachers during our February vacation 2010 and found the same professionalism, enthusiasm for teaching and efficiency.. along with scenery that forever will linger in my mind...[It is] a wonderful school in a wonderful country." 

Ashlee Ausherman, Group School Leader, Chambersburg, PA

"Our group had an awesome time!!  The students did not want to go home and swore they would come back to Samara.  They loved the cultural experience and the classes.  They learned so much new vocabulary and had such a great time on the kayaking trip, the zip line excursion, and surfing.  They made great "Tico" friends and memories that will last a lifetime.  The crew at Intercultura were wonderful and welcoming.  As a teacher I would go back there just for the ease of the trip because of how they made it so accommodating.  Back at school students were buzzing about the trip.  It was so popular that we are planning on going again every year!!