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costa rica rainy season

Rainy season in Costa Rica – What to do?

In the north they say Eskimos have 1000 ways to refer to snow, well it is the same in Costa Rica, where there on average 254 cm of rain a year, some areas receive much more!! This rainy season in Costa Rica we are especially excited about the rain, as it brings life back to Costa Rica after the dry season and, plus, learning rain vocabulary is fun.  We love the green season, and here are some fun words that are synonymous to rain and/or precipitation.

Typical expressions for different types of RAIN in Costa Rica:

Pelo de gato (cat hair)Lluvia (rain)Aguacero (down pour)
Está garubando (It’s sprinkling)Aguanieve en áreas montañosas (kind of like sleet, in really mountainous areas)Llover a cántaros (raining buckets)
Nacen los venados (misty & mystical rain in which baby deer are born)Cayendo sapos (it’s raining frogs OR “cats & dogs!”)Cielo Roto (The sky is broken)
Llovizna (mist)Chorro (jet or stream of water)Baldazo (DOWN POUR)
Chubasco (rain shower)Chaparrada (a strong rain that only lasts a few minutes)Diluvio (copious amounts of rain that often cause flooding)

Rainy season in Costa Rica is a time when things slow down, the rivers fill up and the land comes to life. Costa Ricans really appreciate this time of rain because without it, the land wouldn´t be what it is. When it comes to an aguacero in the city, locals walking down the streets find an overhang to stand under and wait out the rain. They may stop for 15-20 minutes before they continue walking. In more rural areas, people might perch upon the front porch or the back patio, have some bread and coffee, waiting for the baldazo to slow down. This patience displayed when waiting out the rain is just one example of the patient + pura vida nature here in Costa Rica.

If you haven’t experienced a rainy day in Costa Rica, we recommend you give it a try. 

Here are our top 6 things to do on a rainy day:

  • Grab a good book and a hammock to settle in! (maybe even take a little nap, too 😉)
  • Put on the rain gear, go out, and explore.  If you are dressed appropriately, it can be a lot of fun!
  • Meet up with fellow students and watch a Spanish movie in one of our available classrooms.
  • Go to your favorite local coffee shop for a sweet treat + fresh cup of café!
  • Break the ice and play some board games.  We have many games that students can use while on campus.  Come by and play a little while!
  • Bake something!  Fresh bread or cookies and a hot chocolate, sound perfect for a rainy day.  Just check with reception to see when the kitchen is available.