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Wendy Madrigal Díaz

Yoga Teacher (Samara)

After moving to different parts of the planet to expand her studies and vision, and after 6 years working for the Costa Rican State Bank (BCR), Wendy felt the need to develop and serve the community by different social welfare programs through the skills found and developed with Yoga. 2014 she began to learn how to teach Yoga by the hand of Mariela Cruz (Ambassador of Costa Rica in India 2017-2018) through an Yoga apprenticeship program.

After her academic Yoga training in the States, Argentina and Costa Rica she now offers Yoga classes and in addition Private Therapeutic Yoga, Reiki and Energetic Cleanse sessions. At Samara Beach Campus she teaches Hatha Yoga to our students three days a week.

“Wendy was an amazing yoga instructor. It was my first yoga class so she helped a lot with my positionas, breathing etc and took the time to make sure I was yoga-ing right. Great instructor.” – Anthony Pananos, 2018

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