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Kelvin Salmon Peters

Spanish Teacher (Samara)

Kelvin is a native Costa Rican and has been living in Sámara for many years. He studied Systems Engineering at the National University of Costa Rica and subsequently studied abroad in Spain, where he obtained his Spanish teaching certification – Teaching Spanish as a Second Language. In 2018 Kelvin also got TEFL certified. Kelvin speaks very good English and is learning German, having taken English classes at Costa Rica TEFL here in Sámara und German classes in Switzerland. Before joining Intercultura Sámara he worked in the hospitality industry in Sámara. In his free time Kelvin loves to play his Ukulele and goes surfing. He has a passion for house music and hip hop, and he occasionally plays his music in town as a visiting DJ.

“Kelvin’s a great teacher! The emphasis on conversation was particularly helpful.”Ian Chisholm, 2019
“It is a lot of fun and i really like the atmosphere. Since we were two guys the conversations were really effective and you can help each other.”Jonas Beckort, 2019

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