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"Exceeded expectations on almost all counts - They made the entire trip very easy to schedule. The Costa Rican people are incredibly kind. Everyone at the school was gracious, professional, and helpful. Definitely want to go back, absolutely recommend the school."

Reviewed by kata531 - Trip Advisor 2019

adelita jimenez

Adelita Jiménez

Founding Director
laura ellington

Laura Ellington, MA

Founding Director

Marcelo Arroyo, MA, M.Ed

Spanish & Executive Director (Heredia)
Estefania Samara Manager

Estefanía Vargas, Lic.

General Manager & Human Resources (Sámara)
Claudia Student Admission

Claudia Kiebl, MA

Enrollment Coordinator (Sámara)
Annia Student Services

Annia Delgado

Homestay & Volunteer Coordinator (Heredia)
alejandra intercultura costa rica

Alejandra González

Group Coordinator & Student Advisor, Heredia
maria fernanda solis

María Fernanda Solís

Group Coordinator & Student Advisor (Samara)
Geovanna Receptionist

Geovanna Castro

Reception & Student Services (Heredia)
Marianela Student Services & Admin

Marianela González

Student Services & Online Classes Enrollment (Sámara)
Francinie Student Services

Francinie Gutiérrez Ledezma

Reception & Student Services (Sámara)
Nelsy Spanish Coordinator & Teacher

Nelsy Rodríguez, Lic.

Spanish Coordinator & Teacher (Sámara)
Jesús Spanish Teacher

Jesús Cárdenas, MA

Spanish Teacher
Mónica Spanish Teacher

Mónica Molina, Lic.

Spanish Teacher (Heredia)
Samuel Spanish Teacher

Samuel Barrera, M.Ed

Spanish Teacher (Heredia)
Byron Spanish Teacher

Byron Pérez Gonzalez, Lic.

Spanish Teacher (Sámara)
Silvia Spanish Teacher

Silvia Baltodano Díaz, Lic.

Spanish Teacher (Sámara)
Jeanette Spanish Teacher

Jeanneth Jiménez, M.Ed

Spanish Teacher (Sámara)
maria pozo

María Pozo Carpio, MA.

Spanish Teacher (Sámara)
Iris Spanish Teacher

Iris Serra, MA.

Spanish Teacher (Sámara)