Christiane Wonde, MA

Marketing Director & Agency Relations

Christiane is from Germany where she grew up, followed by a high school year in the United States, then university back in Germany where she obtained BA & Master`s in Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing Management and Global Branding. Before coming to Costa Rica she worked in Marketing and Public Relations at an international solar energy company, where she developed a strong interest in marketing communications. Through her subsequent travels in Cuba, Mexico and Central America she developed a passion for Latin America, and in 2008 moved to Costa Rica in order to experience a foreign working environment and a different culture, and to improve her Spanish. At Intercultura Sámara, she began in Marketing and Student Services. In 2012 she was promoted to Marketing Director & Web Manager, and later on with an additional function as Program Quality Manager. She speaks German, English, Spanish and some French. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her little family, cooking, fitness dance, Yoga, and occassionally gives Zumba classes.