Christiane Wonde, MA

Marketing Director & Agency Relations

Christiane is from Germany where she grew up, followed by high school in the United States, then university back in Germany where she obtained BA & Master`s in Comptrolling & Marketing-Management, with a concentration in Global Branding. Before coming to Costa Rica she worked in Marketing and Public Relations at an international solar energy company, where she developed a strong interest in marketing communications. Through her subsequent travels in Cuba, Mexico and Central America she developed a passion for Latin America, and in 2008 moved to Costa Rica in order to experience a foreign working environment and a different culture, and to improve her Spanish. At Intercultura, she began in Marketing and Student Services. In 2012 was promoted to Marketing Director & Web Manager, and later on with an additional function as Program Quality Manager/ Controlling. She speaks German, English, Spanish and some French. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her little family, cooking, fitness dance, Yoga, and occassionally gives fitness dance classes.