Mónica Molina, Lic.

Spanish Teacher (Heredia)

Mónica is Costa Rican, and studied Spanish Literature and Linguistics at the National University, where she obtained her BA and certification in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language. She also studied community education and taught both adults and high school students in public and private institutions before joining Intercultura in 2003 as a Spanish professor. She has participated and presented in numerous academic conferences, such as the VI Congreso de Filología, Lingüística y Literatura: Víctor Manuel Arroyo, at the Universidad Nacional.

Interesting Fact: She likes to feed the birds that land on the patio of her house.

When she was a kid: She wanted to be a veterinarian.

Hobbies: Exercising, cooking, and going out with her family

What she likes most about her job: The general environment

Favorite movie: Volver

Favorite color: Brown

Favorite drink: Guanabana juice  (guanabana is a delicious fruit found in Costa Rica)

Favorite food:  Any kind of picadillos (picadillos are a traditional Costa Rican food)

Favorite animal: Dog