Spanish & Life in Samara - Part 2

Green Season… 5 weeks in

I have vacationed in Costa Rica for the last ten years but this is the first time I have been here during “Green Season”.  I had prepared myself for the worst, thinking it would be raining all of the time, but that has not been the case.  Through the first couple weeks of May, it rained a few times, but only for a few hours in the afternoon or evening and otherwise it has been sunny and nice.  I think the major difference I have noticed from the high season to now would be there are a lot less people in town, at the beach and at Intercultua School.  I think this has made it easier to get to know the people around town and to enjoy the many things Samara has to offer, at “Green Season” rates.   

As for school, after just completing my 5th week of class I am doing fairly well with the Spanish reading and writing part, and I am understanding the concepts and the lessons taught, although I still feel the challenge when speaking!  I think for me, not staying with in a home where Spanish is spoken regularly has slowed me down abit, but my comprehension  has gotten much better. For example when I go shopping I have no problems understanding how much my purchase is, whereas before I always needed to see visually the amount to know how much to pay, and it has become much easier for me to communicate my needs.  I also have improved greatly at following what is being said and now I understand the tense of what is being said, for example when a person is talking about past, present or future. 

My teachers have given me hints as to how to improve my speaking ability, such as reading out loud in a normal voice, watching television in Spanish,  and continuing to try and engage in conversation around town.   Everyone has been very encouraging and I feel that as long as I put forth the effort, the speaking gradually comes.  I have turned my frustration into motivation and continue to build on my strengths and address my weaknesses.  ¡Poco a poco, estoy aprendiendo!

by Jamie