Make the Move to Costa Rica

Have you ever thought about leaving your home country or wondered what life abroad could be like?  Many Americans, Canadians and Europeans relocate to Costa Rica for its climate, safety, people and incredible biodiversity.  While many Costa Ricans speak English and a growing number are learning French and German, it is much easier to learn at least basic Spanish if you plan on living here.  At Intercultura we can help you learn or improve you Spanish and with so much more.  We can offer advice and assistance regarding:

  • Cultural adaptation seminars
  • Spanish language immersion
  • Homestay and/or independent lodging assistance
  • Suggestions and references regarding work & visa requirements
  • Referrals for Legal Services
  • Schooling options
  • Forming a network abroad: Social and Activity plans

Why Costa Rica?

  • No standing army
  • Highest literacy, safety and educational standards in the region
  • Highly educated work-force and work opportunities
  • Friendly, welcoming local population
  • Affordable property values
  • Easy to learn the language and integrate into local culture

If you’re ready to make the move and live in the country of “Pura Vida”, let Intercultura help.  For more information email us at