Nuria Rodriguez, Lic.

Spanish Teacher (Heredia)

Nuria is Costa Rican and received her BA in Spanish Literature and Linguistics from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Costa Rica, where she went on to obtain a Post-Graduate Certificate in the same field. She taught Spanish as a Second Language and also Spanish Grammar and Literature at the high-school level, before joining Intercultura in 2000.  About Nuria:  She likes the diversity of Latin America in both its cultural and ethnic roots.  She loves its art, customs, traditions, world views, and most of all, what it means to be a Latin American.

When she was a kid: She wanted to be a teacher or one of the characters from the book "La princesa que pedía la luna" by Eleanor Farjeon

Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, listening to music, and cooking

What she likes most about her job: The ability to interact with people from other cultures, and also teaching and learning in a respectful and open-minded environment.

Favorite movie:  Nuevo cinema paraíso (by Guiseppe Tornatore)

Favorite colors: Green and blue

Favorite songs: ¿Sabés qué? (by Adrián Goizueta) and Penélope (by Joan Manuel Serrat)

Favorite person: José Figueres Ferrer

Favorite food: Pasta with shrimps

Favorite drinks: Milk, coffee, and wine

Favorite animal: Cat

Favorite historical event: The abolition of Costa Rica's army on December 1, 1948