Intercultura es Gente- Ina & Stian from Norway


Intercultura is all about its people, and that is not just our staff and our host mothers, but also about our students. 

Like Lindsay said, “Intercultura’s staff is made up of locals and international folk making the school truly multicultural” this is also true with our student body.

This week’s #interculturaesgente post is all about a really sweet Norwegian couple, Ina and Stian and their trip around the world. As always, we ask the following questions

“How did you find yourself attending classes at Intercultura?”,

“What is one of your favorite things about Intercultura?”

“What is something special that most people do not know about you?”

Stian and Ina, a young and energetic couple, began their journey in May of 2017. Before they began to travel, they worked with a travel agent in Norway, and heard about many Spanish Schools in Costa Rica, but none seemed to be the right fit. Not until they continued to investigate online and they found a blog that raved about Intercultura Playa Samara. They both agreed that taking a few weeks off of traveling in Samara would be an enjoyable time in the midst of their journey. 

Their trip in short has been thus far: Norway to Iceland, then New York City, then they traveled across Canada in train. From there they made it to San Francisco were they rented a camper and traveled through southern California and made it to Las Vegas. After Las Vegas they flew to Cuba and then Costa Rica, destination Playa Samara. The couple instantly fell in love with Samara’s laid back atmosphere and decided to extend their time here, adding additional weeks to their Spanish program. They also felt that Samara would offer “normality” to their busy schedules.

One of their favorite experience at Intercultura was working with Darihana, one of our newest Spanish professors. They found her young and spunky energy refreshing and they learned a lot from her. It was a nice experience to meet new friends from all around the world. They hope to come back one day. Their second favorite experience was the weekend trip the school offers to Monteverde and Arenal. There, Ina faced her fears and zipped lined, on the highest and longest ziplines in the world. 

Something that is interesting about this couple is that they grew up together in the same small town in Norway, but only recently started dating three years ago once they started to working together at the same company. 

They continue their travels to South America, then Africa by the end of the year where they will go on a 3 month Safari. Afterwards they will travel in Safari. We were very happy to meet this adventurous duo, and we hope to see them again.  They did say that Playa Samara Intercultura was one of their favorite places to date.