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"I came to Costa Rica for the first time in the summer of 1990 to study Spanish and fell in love…with the language, the country, the people, the music, even the monsoon-like rains.


Jane, 59 years old from the USA, has been with Intercultura for quite some time.  In 2009 she came to Intercultura for the first time. Since then she has returned every year. Get inspired by her Costa Rican Spanish learning experience!

Par Romiche Francois (Coordonnatrice de sensibilisation et professeure de français à Intercultura), Canada, mai 2015


von Natascha Rubin, Schweiz, Sprachaufenthalt in Sámara: Februar - April 2015

im Foto: Natascha (links) mit ihrer Gastschwester Estefanía

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Green Season… 5 weeks in

May 2015, 21 year-old Andreas from Denmark visited our Spanish school in Sámara. He already had an advanced Spanish level and participaed in our advanced level, which he says, was a very good experience. Even though he only took one week of classes, he has learned a lot. Read below in Danish what he has to say about his whole experience:


Two Weeks In…

I am in a little different situation than many Intercultura students in that, last November I sold everything I owned and moved to Samara Beach from Colorado Springs, CO. 

Not only is Maria an excellent and experienced Spanish teacher at our Samara Beach Campus, but also she is an artist and has painted some of our school walls.

"I never felt like I had the talent or that I could do the things I do now. I think many people are the same, but life always gave me situations that were leading me to do waht I do," she said.

Intercultura Geovanna, Heredia

We have started a new Facebook campaign at our Heredia City Campus, called "Intercultura es Gente" (Intercultura is People).  

About the campaign: It's a sort of a catalogue about personal experiences which show the variety and beauty of mankind. It shows how a place can unite people, experiences, perspectives, objectives...lives.

Take a look: #InterculturaEsGente