Wir wissen, dass Costa Rica voller Abeunteuer steckt, über wunderschöne Strände, atemberaubende Landschaften, herzliche Menschen, Gallo Pinto und eine vielfältige Tierwelt verfügt. Aber was wissen wir denn über die Regierung und die politische Situation des Landes?

John, Athena, Mani and Lien (University of North Carolina) preparing 35 goody bags and 2 "piñatas" for 30 little girls at an orphanage in Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Every year two different groups come from the University of North Carolina to Costa Rica to study Spanish. One group comes for 10 days in March and the other group visits us for 3 weeks in May. The main objective is to learn the language and the culture.

So you are here in Heredia studying Spanish like crazy with your “pareja” or romantic partner. You think to yourself, we both deserve a break to relax and let all of the conjugations and tenses sink in. What better excuse could there be than the celebration of "Dia de Los Enamorados" - Día de San Valentín, February 14 - among the many celebrations that European and American ex-pats have brought to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica might be a small country but it is full of funny surprises. If you are a student here at our Heredia Campus, for sure you will see things on the streets you would never expect to see back home. As a former student or traveler in Costa Rica you might have even some of your own truly unique shots!

In case you didn’t get enough of the Christmas fiestas, January continues the action with the famous Fiestas de Palmares.  

Palmares is a pueblito just about an hour from San José.  The Palmares fiestas are different from the fiestas found everywhere because they feature a series of concerts.  Artists come from far and wide, both Costa Rican and international, to grace the stage.  

It also hosts several nights of rodeos and a Gran Tope, a type of horse parade where the experienced riders show off their horses’ unusual dance-like gait.

If you find yourself travelling to Costa Rica during December, you’ll be able to take part in one of the most exciting times of the year!  You won't find any snow around, but there are plenty of Christmas celebrations, light festivals, and lots of their traditional tamales!  


This past weekend a friend of mine was visiting from the U.S. and of course wanted to bring back some great souvenirs to her friends and family that were unique to Costa Rica.  After spending a good while searching on the internet, I decided to ask a few Ticos instead- all of which pointed me in the same direction, to San Jose’s Mercado Artesania.