With the departure of one of our longterm staff members, we have been inspired to revive our #interculturaesgente campaign.  This time our wonderful staff and students will be asked three questions:

...this is a question we get asked a lot.

Basically it means that you will be immersed in the Spanish language and culture, but instead of being in a standard classroom at a high school or university, you will enjoy classes


Green season stands for the tropical rainy season from May through Mid-November

...when tourism is not at its peak and great deals can be found. Especially the Guanacaste province, where our Samara beach school campus is located, looks so much more alive and colorful than it does in dry season (Costa Rican summer). Everything greens up nicely, rivers run again, little waterfalls start to appear and the dry-forests turn green and lush.

Here are a couple of clues that give you an idea. But don´t worry if you can´t really understand what we are talking about. It actually requires a trip to Costa Rica!

Have you ever made coffee out of a sock? No?

You should! But just to make sure, we are talking about a coffee sock! :-) 

Rice and beans sounds like the most boring food to you?

Not anymore after you will have experienced the Costa Rican cuisine.

Living the Pura Vida! No clue what this means?

Are you still looking to make plans for this fall? 

It´s not too late to coordinate a Fall GAP Semester 2017 with Intercultura Costa Rica Spanish Schools

Our GAP Semester Program includes:

Homestay with a local family

...I wanted my kids to see that for themselves and experience the lovely way that people live in Costa Rica.

Becoming "bilingual" is, in short, an arduous task. Clearly, bilingualism is not a simple goal and is that perhaps one of the most important points:  Bilingualism is not the result but rather the process. As the Uruguayan singer-singwriter Jorge Drexler would say in one of his songs, one must "love the plot more than the outcome." 


What you should know about special offers at Intercultura

Every year due to the variation of high and low season months, we have some really good deals spread out through the year. In general our high season months at our beach campus in Sámara do not coincide with the busy ones at our city campus in Heredia. Our promotions therefore can differ between both campuses.

Have you ever thought about leaving your home country or wondered what life abroad could be like?  Many Americans, Canadians and Europeans relocate to Costa Rica for its climate, safety, people and incredible biodiversity.  While many Costa Ricans speak English and a growing number are learning French and German, it is much easier to learn at least basic Spanish if you plan on living here.  At Intercultura we can help you learn or improve you Spanish and with so much more.  We can offer advice and assistance regarding: