SHERMAN, TEXAS — Nineteen Austin College students decided to spend their January improving their knowledge and skill of the Spanish language in Costa Rica.  The students took courses at the Intercultura of Heredia and then at Playa Smara.  Students attended class for four hours a day, stayed with host families in Heredia, and had the opportunity to participate in a variety of excursion and activities in Costa Rica. 

Intercultura has been invited to the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2010, Building a New Era of Sustainability, to be held on 24 - 25 June 2010 in New York.This is the largest high-level Summit ever convened by the United Nations on the issue of corporate responsibility. At this challenging time for the global economy, the Leaders Summit will provide a unique platform for business leaders to discuss and demonstrate how the private sector can help lead our economies and societies into a new era of sustainability – in economic, environmental, social and ethical terms.

Hmmm. You think it’s a coincidence? Costa Rica is one of the very few countries to have abolished its army, and it’s also arguably the happiest nation on earth.
There are several ways of measuring happiness in countries, all inexact, but this pearl of Central America does stunningly well by whatever system is used....

Intercultura Language School and Cultural Center has always been devoted to assisting its surrounding communities, mostly in Heredia and Playa Sámara where the school is located. The school regularly contributes to environmental, social, and developmental projects, giving scholarships, money donations, and/or practical supplies to many non-profit organizations. However, in February, the month of love and friendship, Intercultura went beyond its neighborhoods to support the victims, specifically the children, of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.